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I am Victoria Grant, creator and author of this website and Ebooks Keys to unlocking your power AND Raising balanced children


Victory granted is an online community where individuals just like you and me are given the opportunity to ask questions give answers and get involved.

It aims to support individuals on their life quests to enlightenment and happiness and is a service that provides individuals with honest and loving advice in all areas weather it is relationship, money, health or any other advice you want you have landed in the right place.

If you are familiar with and like to use Yahoo Answers then you will love this.

Remain anonymous or leave your name! It is up to you, you can even add a picture.

Step 1 – Post your question, giving as much detail as possible. I want to provide you with the best answer possible to help solve your issue so please explain in full. You can provide a picture of your choice also. 'Don’t forget to include your email address'

Step 2 - Submit your question (you will receive confirmation that I have received your question via the email you provide)

Step 3 - I will read your question with an open mind filled with truth, love and light and then respond with my answer.

Step 4 – You will receive another email letting you know that your question has been answered and is now posted on its own page at this website.

Step 5 – Other readers can also add their advice underneath the answer I have given to offer you as much advice and guidance as we can (optional) If you would prefer that only I answer your question then please state this at the bottom of your submission.

Step 6 – Your question and my answer will be published on the internet and be available to view by over 300 readers a day and rising.

Please note that abusive content of any kind will not be accepted nor will it be posted on this website.



I am so grateful to Victoria for creating this website. The days when I feel really low I visit (website) and it really lifts my spirit.

~Barbara Hyasan~

When I read ‘keys to unlocking your power’ I was amazed at how easy it was to understand at it gave me a brand new perspective on life. I feel as though I can create better relationships with my family and friends now too. Thank you!

~Theresa Burkem~

I visit this site a few times a week and look forward to new material and reading the daily quote that is sent straight to my inbox.

~Florence sitera~

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All you have to do is 'ASK' One of the most powerful tools in life is 'asking' for if you do not ask the answer will always be NO


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