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Greatest Accomplishment Not rated yet
“One of the greatest accomplishments in any person’s life is if he can trust someone other than him wholeheartedly and sustain it faithfully all throughout …

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A Mother is a Sweet Soul, Which no one can replace. Her love is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain. It is endless and unselfish, and enduring

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Remember smiling is failure cause all you do is cry And success is impossible if you fail to try Study hard love more Open the door, Let everyone be

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nowhere to go

The cold blue water bounces the endless air, Into the rocks and through my long brown hair, The lake refreshes my body and my stressed out mind, This makes

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Keys to unlocking your Power Ebook

An ebook dedicated you helping you to unleash your ultimate power.

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Smart move

You took your time with me You watched my moves carefully you moved from left to right just so you can prove your point to me You lied about the ways

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Job Sarcasm

Do not complain when you are burdened with workloads..others are worried for not having enough work..

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Self Confidence

1 : never wish to be like others,just believe on your self. live your life your rules.....(zaima iftikhar) 2 : never give any chance to any person to

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One of the social insects are bees their house calledHive Some bees are good and some are thief They collect nectar from flower to flower nectar turns

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