About Me and How Inspirational Quotes and Positive Guidance Changed My Life!

But my it hasn’t always been that way.

Like many of us I once lived with negative feelings, thought patterns and beliefs.

I had left school and my family home by tender age of sweet 17, eager to spread my wings and make my mark upon the world.

With no real formal education to speak of and not a clue of how to manage my finances I thought I would be fine! 'oh how little did I know'.

In a very short space of time I had used the little credit and money I had on impulsive purchases, rent for my hostel and day to day living.

I had fallen in to the 'not enough' mindset and my reality seemed like a poor meek one. Realising I was merely surviving rather than living with no job or career to speak of, I began to feel depressed.

Wallowing in self pity for a while and blaming my then circumstances on every one else but me.

It became the governments fault that I didn’t have enough, it was my single parent home that caused me to have so little and blah blah blah.

:o( 'like I said every one was at fault but me'. My story became a sad one and the more I relayed it in my own head, the more upset I became.

I realised that I had put 'MY' life in to the hands of every one else.

If they were to blame then they must be in control, 'but how' after all this is 'MY' life therefore I must 'OWN' it.

Only I could be held accountable for my current happiness.

I was grown enough and pretty enough :o) to take back my power. The urge to be great had always been with me and it was time to be just that.

I refused to accept my fate. I was Sure that there was more to life than feeling frustrated and low every day. I decided to seethings from a new perspective, count my many blessings and indulge in happiness.

By my mid twenties I'd had enough, this was the one life I had been given and it was time I took the wheel on this baby.

I understood that I enjoyed being happy and did not enjoy being sad. I remembered all of my happiest moments and realised that in each one I had either achieved learnt or given something. Those times were when I truly felt in-joy.

My self discovery started from a dark place and although I did not know it back then, this too as is everything, was a blessing. From the pits I found my strength and clawed my way back up.

Whenever I would get the urge to write down an inspirational quote or record one I had heard somewhere, I would. The words became an expression of my creative spirit keeping me grounded and thankful for each day.

There will be occasions when we will need help and encouragement to aid us on our journeys, and at times this solace can befound in our family, friends and closest acquaintances.

However there will be those moments when must go it alone, depend on our self’s and rely strictly on intuition and faith to guide our way.

In the season of self reliance begin the stages of individual development and growth. It is only then when we will benefit most from kind words, fresh inspiration, positive quotes and loving guidance.

It is my quest to inspire others by sharing my most loved quotes and guidance written by me 'Victoria Grant' and many other fabulous authors. It has worked for me daily and I truly hope it works for you.

When you become aware of your uniqueness and accept your power, an understanding of 'anything is possible' is reached anda need to know and do more become's the foundation on what you build.

Not everyone around you will understand your plight, and nor will many want to encourage you on your new found journey. See most people are afraid of change and as you begin your transformation they may become uncomfortable.

‘The new you’ is not the ‘old you’ that they are used to which causes an uneasy feeling for them.

'Family and friends will still love you. But this is a quest you must embark on alone'.

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