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Opportunity's are never missed. They simply get grabbed by some one else.

~Victoria Grant~

The Clarity is deep and the insight is infinite. The Love is abundant and the Patience is power.

The forms are illusions and Perceptions are thoughts. If you Don't go within you go without.

~Victoria Grant~

Gods gift to us is who we are. Our gift to God is what we become!

Dont return to the light as the blank canvass you came. Instead return to the light as the masterpiece you were intended to be.

~Victoria Grant~

I love Silence, even in the loudest situations, silence is always there, above all sound and above all reason.

Silence does not judge, silence will not punish, silence is impartial, silence is peace, joy and love.

Silence is calming, silence is power, silence is not rude and needs no acceptance or validation, silence just is. Silence always gives without taking, silence has all the answers.

~Victoria Grant~

I don’t know everything. I just know what I am supposed to Know, When I am supposed to Know it.

~Victoria Grant~

I am Breathing, I am Loving, I am enjoying, I am accepting, I am enthusiastic, I am an important vessel for the light of all creation.

The source can only manifest through my being. We are all connected through universal breath! The next time you say that you have nothing in common with someone watch them breath.

~Victoria Grant~

Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots, Kind words are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits, Take care of your garden and keep out the weeds.

Fill it with sunshine, kind words and kind deeds.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

Your words are the most powerful tool God has given you, to create or recreate the future you want to see.

Continue building your life today.

~Naomi Divine~

I have never seen a tommorow, or a yesterday, all I have is 'Now'! Therefore I will not live in the prison of memories called the past.

Nor will I dwell on the mystery called tommorow. The future is abundant now. I am creating each moment thereafter by each Word I speak & each action I take.

~Victoria Grant~

Don’t wait for doors to be opened when it comes to realising your dreams.

Discover the infinite abundance of power within you, kick them down and march through with your head held high.

~Victoria Grant~

Every Day we plant seeds, called (our thoughts) With Tools called (Our words) We Nurture our crops with sunshine (love n light).

The occassional Rain drops (our tears of joy). We Encourage the fruits to grow with (our acts of kindness) and take pleasure in their beauty once manifested in our wonderful garden's of Eden!

~Victoria Grant~

True Beauty is when we realise the Child within (spirit) has never grown up!

It has just been sent to the naughty step in exchange for adult hood!. Give birth to that child again and treat your Self as a newborn baby. Unconditional Love.

~Victoria Grant~

There will be Miracles when you realise that the greatest Miracle is you.

~Victoria Grant~

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step! what you believe you can, you can.

What u believe you can not, you can not! Either way you are right.

~Victoria Grant~

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