Is being 'Broke' your Default?

Always telling people how 'broke' you are? constantly complaining about the lack of money around you?

If so then read on for some important information on why you are still not receiving that abundance you truly deserve.

What are you telling your self on a daily basis?

What you believe you receive. And if you are walking around moaning to your self and others about how much you 'don't' have, and how 'broke' you are then it is no wonder that your financial status has not yet changed for the better.

If you are broke then it is your fault (don't let it become your default). No one else can be blamed for your current situation but you and even then, its best not to dwell on the fact.

Where ever you are now financially is only a result of your past habits and behaviours regarding money.

There are infinite ways that even you can become rich by following a simple formula. Try repeating and affirming these words 'I am so rich' instead.

Believe that you already have all of the money you desire and give daily thanks for what you do have. If you continue to focus your energy on lack then only more of the same will follow. Create a money mindset.

A money mindset is one that recognises only abundance. 'I can afford that' 'I do have enough of everything', 'I love being rich'. These should be your new mantras until they become second nature.

You do not have to understand the science or logic that thoughts become things, all you need to do is have faith and believe that a higher power is always supporting your desires, and always will.

Release all fears about not having enough. After all, worrying only causes stress and disease.

Changing your mindset to a more positive one will greatly improve your health and ultimate life span.

Whatever you focus on most magnifies. By focusing on the negative aspects of your situation it blocks your creative spirit from inspiring you to rise above and make positive changes.

Change wont happen until you do. Set your goals and visualise your dream life until it manifests. See the Vision page section for more ideas on this.

There are many ways you can become financially free. But you must take the first step in pure faith.

Forget all of the negative views you may have had around money up until now. They haven’t served you thus far so it makes sense to try something new!

You deserve to have a life filled with abundance on every level and that includes a financial one. Don't feel guilty or ashamed for desiring more it’s only natural.

It is not only the specially selected few that were born in to this world to be rich. We all were.

It is your birth right as a loved and blessed being to experience all of life's greatness and luxuries.

'Don't let your mind let your heart miss out'

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