Can you hear me?

by masego
(polokwane, limpopo, South Africa)

Hi. My name is masego dipela.....can you hear me?
It can be defined as the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and emotions through articulate sounds

This dictionary definition is nothing more but an understatement, an insult infact because words are worth so much more than we give credit for, and they say "actions speak louder than words"

I disagree strongly and ill tell you why. Actions are the result of my mind telling my body what to do, words come from my heart. This may not apply to you but this has always been the case with me. Until you understand this you will never understand me.

You will never understand that its not what my hands do, its not where my feet go but its the heaven in my 'Hello.'

Hi my name is masego dipela.... Can u hear me ?

Unfortunately people will keep you quiet when they feel threatened by what you might say, I'm sorry I'm not the type of person who knows when to shut up but you should of noticed, when the teacher said "put your finger on you lip" and I refused you should of realized what words meant to this young little aspiring boy who's laughter was juggled by artificial hands.

It can only be described as torture, to have thoughts tap dance against the edge of your tongue and not be able to express them is like feeling the need to cry but keeping your face dry until it cracks its like getting hurt and no one can see call it internal bleeding.

Words to me are as important as the air I breathe but sometimes it takes getting the wind knocked out of u to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.

So next time u tell me to keep quite ill tell you to stop breathing...

I have too many questions to stop talking now. questions like:
Why are why are we taught that the darker shades are last to be placed on a rainbow?

Questions like :
Why are we taught to color inside the lines but think outside the box?

Questions like :
Why are we taught that the sky is the limit yet to reach for for the stars?

Questions like?
Why do schools prepare us for the 'real world' then tell us to follow our dreams?

I guess I'm just a curious cat still breathing.......

Hi my name is masego dipela and .....listening?...............

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