Come On

by Austin Xavier
(West Union, SC, US)

I'm 6' 1
And I know you're the one
You're as beautiful
As I am pitiful
That makes you an angel

Come on

Help me out here
I think I'm alone
It's hard to hear
'Cause my heart is
Beatin' for you
I can't live like this
Not another second w/out you
Don't turn me down
It'll run me in the ground.

No your happiness is what drives me
Not your beauty
Your smile is the best
It's the prettiest
It comes from your happiness

Come on

Help me see
I think I'm alone
It's hard to see
'Cause my eyes
Aren't worthy
Of your beauty
You could love a million guys
But they'll never love you
The way I do.

Know your happiness
Is what drives me.
It drives me crazy
to see you everyday
And not say
A single word
In this Big Ol' World
To the love of my life

Come on
Come on
Come on

I think I'm alone

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