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I'm independent

What does independent mean anyway? Some one please explain. I’m fed up with women who are running around ever so single boasting about how independent they are. Did you know that there is nothing that exists that is independent?. In fact the whole of creation is a reflection of balance.

Everything in this universe has a polar opposite that it needs to survive, to be recognised and to actually exist. Without knowing dark how would we know light? Without hurt how could we recognise happiness? and so on. We are beings in a stream of constant life, all dependent on each other for survival.

We share the air, the water the land and everything else we need to live. The moment we decide that we want to be independent of anything we are cutting off our supply for life from the universe. We are conflicting our purpose here on earth which is to serve, share and care, (Unconditional Love).

If your single and you're running around screaming about how independent you are then its no surprise that you are still single. The universe gives you exactly what you ask for based on what you are thinking, feeling, imagining, saying and doing. 'If it's independence you want then you'll have it' just don’t then complain that there are no good guys/girls in the world and that you feel so alone.

Now being self sufficient, that’s a different thing. Life skills every one should have including knowing how to feed, dress and work for your self is a must. The huge difference between being independent and being self sufficient is the 'being' whatever you are being you are becoming.

Being able to look after your self and family, taking responsibility for your own life destiny and knowing how to make your self and others joyful is self sufficient. The universe will help and encourage you to be so even when you do find 'the one' because it will benefit you both and enable you to grow individually and as a couple.

Being able to provide and care for your self is a turn on for most people it shows you are competent and would make a good life partner. On the other hand being independent will only harm your relationships, you will have an 'I can do it by my self' mindset and a partner could prove more of a hindrance than a help.

Showing someone you can do it all by your self leave's no room for them to help take care of you, or bring anything to the table. After all if we want a companion then we are wanting some balance. If you are all maxed out then you will probably stay single.

There are certain qualities that each of us bring to the table with regards to love, to ensure a successful union. So by all means, let potential partners know that you are a self sufficient super person with masses of self worth and a great energy, that your ready to take on the world and refuse to settle for less, of your self or others.

But at the same time remind them that you too are a child of creation, a tender loving being capable of love and being loved. Let them know that for all your strengths there lies vulnerability. A special spot that you are keeping warm until that equally special person comes along.

Prepare for 'the one' by becoming self sufficient if you aren't already. Nothing is more unattractive than a needy person. In the unlikely event that some one does like that needy nature they will more than likely take advantage of that fact, leaving you insecure and heart broken.

So get that back bone and learn what you have to before 'the one' comes along. 'maintenance is better than repair' and you don’t want to be caught off guard when they arrive.

'If someone likes you they just do. It’s nothing in particular, its everything you are.

you can not please everyone all of the time, and by trying to be something that you are not, you will only be causing yourself damage.

When the right one comes in to your life you will know. Gone will be the doubts and maybes and a sure sense of contentment will reign'.

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