During my short life I have some experiences that I love to share!

by Hana

During my short life I have some experiences that I would love to share with you.

First I like to talk about love.

Love is a unique feeling that no poem or professional poet can define it in reality.

If you like to be loved try to be a generous and simple person in reality.

Try not to play the role of generous people. you can be a generous person if you really like.

Pretend that you wont live tomorrow and all you have is today so start to commerce on any moment of your unique life.

Every person can have a daily, energetic smile on their faces if they like.

You should let those close to you feel alive.

You can reflect positive energy to the unique eyes of God's children.

You need to laugh and don't think about nonsense. Try to be alive, fresh and generous and let the others to feel them from your lovely acts.

Your smile is a smile of God to the others...

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