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From the light in to the light

When I asked to be born to this unknown beyond I was anxious but never afraid.

I knew I'd be greeted at once, then be seated by unconditional love as I prayed.

So then how could I fear now I am here living life, once again the unknown and beyond?

As I pray everyday, giving thanks all the way, I am blessed with an infinate bond.

Like a mother and child, as it was when I cried, Ill be met with the same open heart.

Ill surrender my light as I did at the start protected by all of my guides.

When I ask to go there 'No' I wont be afraid with my angels ascending above.

Because I know ill be greeted and royally seated in Unconditional Love!

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)

For my unborn child

I feel your touch I see your smile, every night in my dreams. You shine a light so full of Love it radiates your beams.

We laugh and play I hold your hand, protect u with my guides, I feel your warmth all over me, Ill never leave your side.

Enchanted heart so full of joy, your wonder humbles my being. I could watch you all day, when I close my eyes its always you im seeing.

The day will come and ill recognise an answered prayer has come. When your bright eyes shall open wide and I will be your mum!

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)


I am being it, tasting it, feeling it, hearing it, accepting it reflecting it,

enduring it, doing it, saying it, meaning it, grabbing it, having it, laughing at it,

trusting it, experiencing it, teaching it, seeing it, reading it.

And absolutley LOVING IT! LIFE

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)

A promise to my self

For everything you could of done I forgive you. For all the journeys you will ever take I am with you.

In times of pain you know my name, I am with you. When mountains seem to high to climb I will lift you.

If ever hurt or in need of support I promise to always assist you.

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)


I talk to the creators every day. I ask 'I am grateful enough in my actions thoughts and deeds???'.

The answer is always the same. Don't do good. Be good. Don't think positive. Be positive.

Don't try and change. Be change, and don't but but but. Get up of your butt.

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)


If Love is a rainbow your colors are vibrant. If love is a cell phone your never on silent.

If Love is a tree top I would never leave. And if Love is a flower Id water your seed.

If Love could be measured In meter's and lengths there'd be no space between us just passion and strengths.

If Love was a river it would lead back to me. For Love is my current. And you are the Sea!

(Poetry by Victoria Grant


Create a moment each day as many as possible to just BE! Focus on the timeless space that carries all sound.

Listen to the birds the trees and the winds. Capture the essence of The NOW. Between all the noises is a STILL place from which they all manifest.

The Source! Breathe & Listen to the Mother of creations Guidance and feel the creator’s protection.

Are you doing it? Wanting it? Dreaming it? Desiring it? Having it? Believing it? Knowing it? You will never fully experience any of the above until you are truly BEING IT.

Exhale before you inhale. Give before you receive. Smile before you ask. Hug before you let go!

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)

Many Facets of a Diamond

I come from the light in to the light shining as the many facets of a diamond like a star so bright,The reflection of me, my higher self and I, honored to be blessed with an eternal fire an infinite link to the divine, inside, outside my mind is unique like no other yet so similar that we are one.

Linked via sparks of energy attracted to the light, via thought via deed for they are seeds of our labour in the abundant gardens that are our minds, feel safe in the knowledge that we will uplift mankind within reasons of love and manifest a thousand trees.

The innocence in every child is a reminder of our being, our higher self, our true intent and ultimate purpose for living,When they smile we smile, when they hurt we hurt, for they are us and we are them, don’t separate the two.

Be true to your higher self for it is always true too.Sacrifice to save the light inside of you that shines so bright like the many facets of a diamond.

You are rich with miracles of eternity giving back to you daily, protecting and guiding your way back to the light to view the now which will be the beyond through the reflection that is now just haze.

Where angels lie sprinkling day and night dreams of a reality that seems so real, for it is that reflection, our mirror inside and outside where love lives unconditional and pure, untouched and always accepted, The truth, the Light the Love!

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)

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