Enlightenment Poetry by me... For your Mind, Body and Spirit :o)

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Here are a collection of Enlightenment poems I have written over the past few years!

They were created through the inspiration of my journey of Self Discovery!

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It could be you or it could be me? Whatever it is i'm enlightened to see.

Where this could go, how will it start? I’m not afraid to give my heart.

For sharing is caring, what’s mine is your’s, I love your perfection and all of your flaws.

Take risks, be bold, to your heart be true and always remember that I love you!

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)

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When we visit sleep in our subconscious mind there are no attachments to space or time, and all of our actions are stimutaniously aligned with our thoughts.

Hence why when we are there, any thing is truly possible. There are only ever two types of thoughts memory & desire.

When we attach feelings to memorys and desires they become emotions, Our ties to the past present and future.

Please release all unecessary attatchments! To the source of all creation.

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)

A Reflection of Me

I am the Sea as all of it's moods are a reflection of me. It's currents are my energy, it's calming waves my sympathy.

The depth is my spirit it knows no bounds, the peace it brings could silence crowds. It cleanses my aura and radiates my soul, through time and ages it never grows old.

The stormy weather comes and goes, through hurricanes it holds its own. Beyond the surface that eyes can see, there lives a world of clarity.

No man can conquer what already is, an infinite space of royal bliss!

I am the Earth. And all of it's produce as grounded as can be. I recognise the flowers and weeds as a reflection of me.

The deepest roots are like my ancestors I stand upon their shoulders, they give me strength infuse my mind with enchantments and wonders.

It nurtures my being and raises me high to blossom my beauty and aim for the sky. It manifests abundantly for all to taste and all to see.

I am the sky as vast and free, its infinity is a reflection of me. The clouds are my judgement's they hold no form, my anger represents a storm.

Sudden unstable with maximum impact, from its destruction there is no turning back. Like projections of perceptions eagle soar by with constant awareness and presence in mind.

When tear drops are raining emotions are low but balance remains in my rainbow!

I am a Volcano red hot and deep, the lava's my blood as a reflection of me. Deep to the core and older that mountains, I landscape my planet creating the fountains.

The seas and the lands the clouds in the sky a result of eruptions my emotions and all seeing eye.

Though some may feel carnage I roar with pure love for each life I take is a gift for above!

Enlightenment can be found in the beauty that is nature, we are inseparable just like Light and Dark, Life and Death!

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)

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My Journey to Enlightenment

As they held my hands and infused me with light I felt safe and secure in there presence. 'We will always be with you' said my guides, 'but I am scared' I replied.

'What if I don’t know any one?' they looked at me and smiled, 'every one is expecting you' they said lovingly, 'a mother and father awaits your arrival' they went on.

'But I have a mother and father here' I answered, worried that id never see them again, 'and they too will always be with you' my guides stated, realising my anguish, recognising it as they had before many times before me.

As I got further away from the spirit realm and nearer to the ether, I knew my journey was only a few spaces away. Soon I would be entering the physical realm, a place of new a place of wonder (the beyond).

I had never been as far away from the source of all creation as I was now, all familiarity started to disappear. 'But what is my purpose?' I turned and asked my guides, 'we can not tell you that' they replied, 'we can only promise to guide and support you always'.

They seemed sure that everything would be fine, but I still was not convinced.

'How will I know you are there?' I went on. 'Through your dreams, intuition, imagination and creativity, you will find us' In every smile, selfless deed, warm embrace and laughter we will be there' and you will be enlightened.

I looked through the endless abyss that lay ahead and started to proceed. My guides clapped and commended my courage, singing sweet songs and dancing as I departed.

I took one last look behind me for final reassurance.'Any last advice?' I muttered, 'Yes' they replied, 'Always remember Love'.

(Poetry by Victoria Grant)

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