Financial Freedom Guidance continued STEPS 7 - 14

Step: 7 Your Passion

Find your passion. What do you enjoy doing most? What are you good? If nothing immediately springs to mind then I suggest asking a close friend or family member.

Get them to write down 5 things they think you excel in, 'trust me you'd be surprised' maybe they are the same things you were thinking or if not then at least they have given you some great ideas to think about.

I have heard people say that when you truly love what you do you will never work a day in your life. And I agree. That’s exactly how it should be for everyone. Think about your passions and how you could turn them in to income streams.

Maybe start a business, write a book about it, offer consulting services on the matter, teach others what you know?. Or so much more, with the internet today the world is literally available to you at your finger tips.

Whatever you decide just remember that you can only really fail when you give up. Be open minded and you will meet others who will help you to reach your goals. To be honest the people in the world who are financially free, the ones you hope to be like, the ones you now study and emulate all have one thing in common.

No its not that they are all really intelligent or that they were all born in to riches in fact quite the contrary. A lot of successful people started with absolutely nothing. And it was 'lack of' that made them even more determined to achieve success.

Step 8: Sacrifice

For every one who has ever wanted anything bad enough there will always be an element of sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice to become rich and live the life you know you should have?.

Maybe you need to take a course that involves learning more about the area of which you are going to explore ie: a teaching course if you wanted to teach others your passion. Or a writing or IT course if you’re choosing to use technology to pursue your dream? whatever it is enquire about it today.

If its motivation you need then check out fear quotes. Stop procrastinating though and please do it now. It takes 30 days to break the holds a habit has on you.

If it's your health that's holding you back, your lack of diet, exercise or maybe you’re not feeling that confident anymore then please check out. If you think your going to miss out on time in the pub with friends then just remember this 'you will never loose friends while your chasing money, but you will loose money while your chasing friends'.

Its your life and only you can decide if you are really serious about changing your life for the better. Make that choice and stick with it. Successful people are quick to make decisions and it takes them ages to change them. Making a decision is always better than doing nothing.

Never purchase goods / items out of impulse. Always go away for a few days and think about if you really need it or not. Most of the time due to the way we are programmed as consumers to react to certain marketing strategies we don’t think twice about treating ourselves to that fancy new dress, a night on the tiles or the latest TV.

Whatever there is that you feel you must have NOW there will always be something better tomorrow. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right then and there take note of a saying that 'this too will pass' meaning that whatever your feeling now is just a memory tomorrow.

Remember that birthday present that you would out dies without when you were 11? Well where is it now! 9 out of 10 times you will realise that you never needed it anyway. Saving your self loads of money in the process. Whilst learning great patience.

Step 9: Mind your own Business

Now you have realised your passion and are managing your finances daily its time to start that business you have always dreamed of owning. Up until now you have been a brilliant consumer but as with everything in life there are two sides to every coin.

If you want to be a true player you have to know how to balance each side. Its time you become a seller. If you have read and understood step 5 then you will know by now that there are certain products that wealthy people decide to invest in i.e.: Property, Stocks, Business franchises etc. And there are many more.

You could buy tooth picks and paint them red and sell them for £3 each? It doesn’t really matter what you sell as long as you’re selling something 'apart from anything illegal' (see below). Find your passion and then turn it in to business.

Don't keep beating your self up thinking 'what the world needs' the world needs happy people and by living your passion you will be happy. Also remember that whatever you decide to do has to be of service to others. Educate your mind with information from other business people such as author Robert Kiyosaki the amazing author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

You become a seller and a consumer. In this way the Universe balances the reap and sow law of reciprocal action ‘karma’ what goes around comes around.

Step 10: Don't be a Crook

Apart from the obvious moral and legal reasons to not being a crook when it comes to creating financial abundance there is another reason.

Once you have the cash there is no where to put it without raising suspicion and a drug dealer now becomes a fraudster. There are many crooks that leave their money in family’s accounts and off shore.

But the problem I have with that is the person whose account is being used becomes implicated if ever that money was seized. Also it creates a lot of attention for someone who supposedly has no income to be driving the latest car and wearing fancy jewellery.

Police are always on your back as well as the haters (people who would see you dead for your designer watch) and it’s not a good example for your children either.

Being chased by police and other crooks, always having to watch your back, can’t really spend the money as freely as you want to and you could maybe end up in jail for many years.

All seems a bit o much like hard work to me. There are too many ways to make money legally nowadays and the rewards are far greater. What can beat peace of mind!

Step 11: Networking

Being around like minded people is the best kind of support and guidance you could find. It may seem obvious but so many people think they have all the answers, or that they must go it alone, remember 'no man is an island'.

Join clubs online, locally or both with regards to your interests and action plan for financial freedom. Look out for seminars and confrences that you can attend to learn more from others who have done it before you.

Speak to people and see if they can recommend any good books, authors or websites you can read. Online forums are a great place to share ideas also.

Not everyone needs to know that you are on a mission for financial freedom, however there will be those who you will meet along your journey, whom together you can create a mastermind group.

Step 12: Investing

Investing will be the foundation of becoming financially free. Weather its money, time, energy or knowledge it is paramount to any successes.

Every book you read on becoming wealthy is an investment for your learning, for each seminar you attend is an investment of your time and each extra hour spent on writing down and researching necessary information is an investment of your energy. Don't be tight when it comes to investing in your self.

A healthy diet and exercise will keep you in great shape and a positive mood both are imperative for creating and keeping wealth after all there is no point being unhealthy and rich where's the fun in that, so invest fully in your health.

That includes meditation, relaxation and fun. And of course you should know by now investing.

Step 13: Giving back (Most important step of them all)

All of the wealth in the world doesn't mean a thing if your not sharing it. No matter how little or how much money you are making it is necessary for you to be in the habit of 'giving back' find a charitable cause that is close to your heart and donate as much as you can afford each month.

By giving back in this way not only does it make countless peoples lives a much better place but it also shows the Universe that you are willing to help those in need and that you recognise how lucky you are to be able to eat every day, drink clean water, have immediate access to health services and a warm bed to sleep in at night.

No matter how hard done by we feel we are there is always some one in the world who love to take our place. So remember that next time you’re complaining about the cost of electric. Every penny makes a pound, it may seem like a small amount to you but it makes a huge difference around the world.

Step 14: Start young

It makes sense to educate your children about the formulas here for becoming financially free. The earlier one starts to create wealth the faster they will be financially free.

Its important that they learn about investing, giving back, credit and debt etc so that it saves them from having t learn the hard way like many of us did. 'What is the use in knowing something if it doesn't benefit others?' I explain this in more detail in my E- book( raising balanced kids).

Just imagine if you knew all of this 10 ,15, or even 20 years ago, think it would of made a difference? Well I know I do. Get your children in to the habit of saving instead of running you down for the latest games console. Teach them the beauty of patience and show them through vision boards what their life can be.

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