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The first step to financial freedom is realising that it is what 'you' want.

Like everything in life, if you dont know what you want, how do you expect to ever get it?

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What Would Financial Freedom Mean To you

You first have to believe that you deserve great wealth, that it is your right to make a claim on the riches and wonders of the world, to live in royalty as the king or queen that you are.

It is after all your birth right. The universe is abundant for a reason, so that for each and every one of us there will always be enough.

Enough to share, invest, save and spend. Money is not the root of any evil it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.

Read this quick article on 'Being Broke' before you get started.

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Step 1: Belief

Belief is sort of like knowing your worth and potential and measuring it pounds, dollars or whatever currency you use. Our financial state is only a reflection of our state of mind. When we are exercising our creative talents and using our minds to the fullest we come up with ideas and inspiration flows.

These can be turned in to income streams. It’s a hard but true fact that wherever we are today is a direct consequence of our thoughts and actions yesteryear.

At some point either conscious or subconsciously we chose the path we now take, we were excited about the new job which is now tiresome and doesn’t pay enough, we were over the moon when we got accepted for that loan or credit card and we jumped for joy when we were offered a £200 raise at our job.

So where did it all go wrong? It didn’t it went exactly how you planned it, apart from the fact that now you realise you want, desire and deserve more. If we are not enjoying this financial road then we must change our beliefs today.

Create an action plan, and have definitive goals to acquire
the wealth you desire.

Step 2: Motivation

Becoming financially free is not going to happen literally overnight, these things take planning unless of course you will the lottery.

But in the case that you don’t you will need to find your motivation. Its not the smartest people that get rich. It’s the people that work the smartest.

Successful people are driven They wake up earlier than the rest of us and go to sleep later. They don’t moan about the ‘why’s’ of the world, instead they focus on the ‘how’s’. If you are really serious about being financially free then you have to get motivated today. Start by waking up an hour earlier tomorrow morning and start working on your goals.

Step 3: Credit (pt1)

I know, this is the part that we all wish we could skip, or that it would simply disappear. 'sigh' I’m feeling your pain guys but its here to stay and if you want to be up there with the ranks of Bill Gates and Richard Branson you WILL need to get your credit in check.

The best way to put it is that the universe only gives to those who give. You see, if you give you shall receive and it’s always good to remember that. Also, if you have bad credit it is a clear indication that up until now managing money has not been a strong point for you or that you don’t believe the companies that loaned you the money deserves it back.

Either way, that’s a 'broke' attitude to have. Remember, when you were offered the credit you were jumping up and down with excitement, but when it comes to paying it back you’re disgusted and rather spend your money on clothes and clubbing.

Anyhow like I said, what goes around comes around so if you’re with holding money from your creditors you are ultimately withholding it from your self.

Step 3: Credit (pt2)

Right, now you have come to terms with the fact that its good practice to handle your credit, not only for legal, ethical and moral reasons but that it also helps you to sleep better at night knowing that bailiffs wont be knocking down your front door or ringing off your phone any time soon.

The first thing you need to do is order a copy of your credit report from the major credit reference agencies in your country. For the UK these are,
Credit Bureau

Free Debt Plan Template

They can be viewed online free I think for a 30 day period and after that it’s around £6.99 a month subscription. The can also be ordered via post for a one off fee of £2. Once you have this information to hand you can begin.

Start by going over all of the accounts listed on the file and ensure that they are correct in date, address and name. If there are anything’s listed on there that you think are wrong then make a note of it.

Once you are satisfied that all the information is relevant you can start contacting your creditors. Some people prefer to use debt counselling services or debt management companies for this, it’s entirely up to you and really depends on the debt amount and stage at which the debt has got to. CCS are very helpful with free advice on this.

If you feel like you can handle it your self then please download the link to (debt plan template) for an idea of how to get out of debt in half the time recommended by most IVA’s and debt management plans.

Once you have arranged a plan with your creditors then stick to it. Make sure it’s a realistic amount you are offering and set up standing orders to ensure payments are made on time.

Integrity is another key component to becoming financially free. It may seem like a long way a way before the debts are cleared but you can still be working on your master plan at the same time and of course if you start making more money you can clear the debts quicker.

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