Game Over

by Esme

You said you’d missed me, I knew it was true by the tears of joy in your eyes.

I’d missed you too, when you dropped out of my life, and were ignoring my calls – I was worried sick – thinking terrible things could have happened to you, were you sick and alone; I wondered what did I do?

All I ask is have respect, and if you can’t be honest let me be, show me the play and don’t play me.

So you’ve always been cheating, and deceptive love making….that confusion I felt when you left my heart aching was justified!

Now you’re telling me the way our future will be, new place, fresh start and only you and me. You’re leaving your woman – you chose me….lol…Wrong!

These tears in my eyes are so different now, I have grown and love me and my tears are of joy; imagine I thought of us growing old together, rejected some good men for us, and our forever.

Believed when you said we were destined to be, but now the situation’s played against you being with me.

I wish you well with your crocodile tears, I feel light, I am blessed because I realised in time, you don’t deserve me you’ve just wasted my time.

Keep away, don't call, don't treat me like a fool. Thank's for the memory and the lesson, well done - you're cool, but I choose and you lose...

Game over.

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Sep 21, 2012
Winner NEW
by: VG

Wow.. some very powerful emotion in those words! What a great poem. I agree... Love the line 'I choose to loose' contact us for your FREE ebook. x

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