Giving... The Ultimate Purpose of Living

Give without exception, give without judgement or reason give so much of yourself that it becomes addictive. The joy you will begin to feel when you reach out and open your heart will literally uplift your spirit to where it loves to be.

From a very early age we are mostly taught to believe that the key to success is getting good grades in school, getting a good job, getting a wonderful career, getting a great husband / wife and getting as much money as possible.

I would like you to stop and think, for just a moment about how it has made you feel each time you got that thing you were after, weather it was the job, the house the car. Whatever it may be you will probably remember feeling on top of the moon, chuffed with your accomplishments and happy to have fulfilled your desires, but how long did that feeling of elation last?.

If you are truly honest with yourself you would agree that the happiness you felt as a result of getting was short lived. You would agree that there are millions of people around the world who feel exactly the same.

How many of your friends and family complain constantly about their jobs, their partners their children, cars, how much money they don’t have, complaining that they are always broke.

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Now I want you to think back to when those same people first told you that they had 'Got the job' or that they were finally pregnant with their first child, how about when they went to buy that fancy car that they had always dreamt of, well can you remember? I know I can and let me tell you I am not separate from these people and neither are you.

We are all guilty of it at one time or another, longing after that next big thing that will at last complete the puzzle and be the answer to everlasting joy. The one thing that when obtained nothing else matters and at last success is reached.

Well, how do you feel, today I mean about all of the things you have managed to 'Get' so far? Do you still feel the same buzz that you felt at the moment your desires were realised? probably not. How could you, after all those moments are short lived, giving you instant short term pleasure rather than sustained long term pleasure.

When you look outside of yourself in to events and materialistic things for joy it creates a void, a need that says that you are not satisfied with the abundance that is already your life. When you ask the creator/Universe for more you are unconsciously stating that what you have is not enough. There is certainly nothing wrong with having goals and aspiration’s, on the contrary it is always great to aim high and exceed your own abilities, however these goals must not become your way of attaining happiness.

Happiness starts and ends with you. Only you can be responsible for ensuring your long term happiness and no amount or money or things could ever fully satisfy that thirst. Being happy and feeling in-joy is our natural state of being and the minute you decide that it can be found outside is the minute you cut yourself off from the abundant supply that is infinite.

If you have been living your life this way up until now and you are not currently experiencing at least 95% or your day in total inner peace, happiness and joy then it is time to look within your self.

~Go within and you will not go without~

When you wake each morning say to yourself 'what can I give' be it your time, energy, advice, materialistic stuff, a compliment or simply a smile 'What can you give' let that be your predominant thought and as you move throughout your daily business your actions will follow your mind. Instead of thinking about all of the things you could should and would get think of all of the things you can give.

When you give freely of yourself you are affirming to the universe the source /the creator that you have abundance and that you do not live with a mindset of scarcity ‘No way’ you live with your glass always full.

When you are giving you are at the same time creating space to allow for more goodness to flow towards you.

~You cannot pick up anything new if your hands are already full~

That is a scientific fact, let go of the idea that you ever need a thing. If your reading this then is highly likely that you are not starving to death as you would have probably used your money to buy food before you paid for internet access.

We were all created equally and originate from the same source, the source that is eternal Love and Light. We are made in the image of our creators just like an apple pie that has been divided we are the slices of God. We are not separate entities that need to hunt for satisfaction from external factors, we are spiritual beings intended to love nurture and above all give.

Before going to bed at night close your eyes and give thanks. That is what true prayer is! Be thankful for the day you were blessed with and for all of the experiences you had, be thankful for your sight, hearing ability and capacity to learn, love and give. Live with an attitude of gratitude and your days will be filled with joy.

Do not judge situations or people based on your previous beliefs, although it may not be easy to begin with as the old saying goes ‘practice makes perfect.'

Therefore it stands to reason then that the ultimate purpose of living must be giving. Weather it is giving to yourself and others or simply practicing the art of forgiveness. When you give you ultimately receive anyway, it Is the cycle of all life.

~ God gives to those who Give to themselves and others~

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