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Step 7: Keep Goals Secret

When we are working towards anything that is important to us, there is a bounce in our step. It's only natural that we would feel elated that at last we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and it's only right that we want every one we love to know just how happy we are and how happy they could be.

Or should we? Well in my honest opinion I agree that in theory telling the world our plan should be a wonderful thing but in reality its not. You see, people are resistant to change, human beings find a safe place and take solace in that, anything of the extraordinary seems to risky and if they are not at a place in their life where they accept change they may not embrace yours.

The idea you becoming successful makes them uncomfortable. Not because they don’t want the best for or love you. It’s more a fear of failure on their part and a loss of your friendship or connection they may have negative responses to your plans simply because they don’t understand ‘this could leave you feeling down’ and we don’t need that in the middle of a Goals mission.

If you have friends that share similar interests with you and who also are setting goals you can share some of your goals with them. Together you can support each other with daily reminders and monthly meetings to review your progress. Otherwise keep quiet.

Step 8: Visualisation

As mentioned earlier it is very important to write down your goals so that you get to take not of them each day. As well as writing them down, to take it even further you can create a vision board / book.

A vision board put simply is a collage of pictures you have chosen that represent what exactly your goals will look like i.e.: your perfect life. If you could have anything in the world and you knew that failure was not an option what would it be? Find a picture from the internet or magazines and stick them up.

You can have fun with these and encourage your children to do them also. Our minds operate using visuals. Whatever we create physically is only a reflection of what started in the mind.

Therefore it makes sense to programme our minds with visual information that we want to manifest.Ensure that your board or book is in a place you will walk past regularly. Look and feel yourself living in those images, let your emotions stir as you link in to your new life.

Step 9: Start small

If you are new to the world of setting and achieving goals, then it’s always best to start small. Have a plan to complete something manageable that you haven’t up until now got around to eg: clearing out the loft and giving stuff to charity.

A job like this may seem tedious but the rewards for your efforts will help others and clear space for your self. Set a date to complete the task and just 'DO IT' once its done you will feel so much better and you can tick it off of your goals list. By starting with small goals it gives you confidence and a more positive attitude too.

Step 10: Think bigger

They key to setting goals is to think as big as you possibly can, it has to be a challenge for you. Make the incentive so great that you feel the excitement flowing through your veins every time you picture your self achieving it.

To realise your power, Just like a trained athlete you have to know that deep down you can accomplish anything. It all starts in the mind. Any action, word or deed we do all starts in the mind.

Convince your self that you are a winner everyday and realise that the only object between you and your desires are you. People who have plans and destinations to reach are motivated towards them and carry an air of grace and confidence.

Whatever challenges are thrown their way are received with gratitude for each challenge hides a bigger lesson. If one of your goals was to earn more money then up the price. Instead of 100.000 a year go a for a million. The only limit to your success is the limits you place on your mind. Don’t be content with being ordinary, become extraordinary. Its your choice. If you think you can’t you can’t, and if you think you can then you can. Either way you are right.

Step 11: Face the fear

False expectations appearing real – That is FEAR. We all encounter it at times in our life and its necessary for our survival. But we don’t want to just survive, were fed up of just surviving we want to live.

Fear can either cripple you or set you free. Its not the fear that’s the problem but how we react to it. When something feels like a threat where we could get hurt or embarrassed our natural response is to hide away and protect ourselves.

Which is fine if we were still all Neanderthals fleeing from the dinosaurs. But this is the age of innovation, A time where we have access to our conciousness like never before. If you want to live the life you have only up until now dreamt of then you will have to face your fears.

The medias and governments of this world would have us believe that we are inhabiting a dangerous time. Surrounded by maniacs and criminals and maybe to an extent that Is true. But who are the real maniacs? A nation in fear is a nation that can be easily controlled by new initiatives to lower these rates and keep people safe.

It’s a shame that not enough positive newsfeed is shared around the world really that would at least help create balance in peoples mind as to what’s really going on.

Anyway as I mentioned before its all in your mind and if you don’t want to be bogged down with the economical climate and horrors of the world I strongly suggest turning of the news and ignoring the magazines. And to be honest neither of those will help lift your esteem to reach your goals.

Learn to fear nothing but fear its self. When we face our fear’s something amazing happens. Our once weakness becomes our strength. What we once thought of as impossible has now become our reality and a sense of inner power and achievement. The 'worst thing that can happen' is not facing your fear.

It is said that at the end of our lives it is not the things we did that we regret but the things we did not.

Whenever you come up against fear in the pit of your stomach, take a few deep breaths and say 'thank you' see the fear as a gift not a threat or punishment. It will uplift your spirit and free your mind.

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