Setting goals and creating action plans are together the initial absolute necessary components needed if you want to embark on a journey of success.

We all have fabulous dreams and those deep down urges that remind us day and night of how our lives could be.

See - Financial freedom. trips around the world, the finest food money can buy and of course loving family and friends.

Unfortunately most of us wake up, and the dream ends there. Well it doesn’t have to be that way and in fact it’s not supposed to be. The universe is abundant for a reason, to ensure that every being within its sphere can have more than enough of everything.

It is our right as kings and queens to realise our worth and do whatever morally possible to make claim to our rights. You see, there is no one better than you, smarter than you or even more beautiful or favoured. We are all loved beings in the eyes and heart of our creator and we all deserve the best.

The only difference between those that live the dream and those that don’t is belief. Successful people know they are successful even before they have any materialistic forms to prove the fact. They believe so hard that they are worthy that the will do pretty much anything to manifest it.

They too face hardship, pain and set backs failure, but instead of crying about it, they learn from it dust them selfs off and keep it moving. (it's not failure unless you stay down)

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Please Share Your Tips For Reaching Your Goals

Step 1: Failing to plan is planning to fail

As with every aspect of life we are all on a wonderful journey and like any car train bus or airplane journey, we must come prepared. Just as we would book our taxi’s pack our bag, grab our wallets and bring our maps.

We must have a definite destination to reach. None of us would not get on a flight to Ice Land expecting to land in Africa. So set your goals as the destination you want to reach.

Be extraordinary when you are working out what you really want, you can never think to big. Map out a plan that will act as the bridge from your dreams to your reality, a blueprint of the route you need to take, to achieve success in every area.

Step 2: Write your goals down twice

This step is very important and must be followed if you want to see real results. You will be able to look at these every day as a reminder of where you are going. Make two copies and keep one with you at all times and one by your mirror. Next to your positive affirmations.

For each goal you have make a clear date next to it for when you want to achieve it. If you are trying to give up a habit like smoking, over eating or lack of exercise then a start date is also required.

Look over your written goals each morning and night, create the feeling of elation as you imagine your self completing the goals. As well as long term goals list a few short term ones also. You will be able to achieve these easier and as you do you will feel rewarded, giving you a sense of achievement and the will power to continue on to see your plans through.

Step 4: Positive Affirmations

Write down at least 10 positive affirmations about your self and post them on your main mirror. For those of you who are not familiar with the term they are statements about your personal strengths that begin with 'I am' for example: 'I am a success in all that I do.

Once you have completed your list, say each of affirmation 5 times in the mirror while you smile. ‘smiling is a free natural face lift and they warm hearts’ repeat this excersize, daily each morning and night.

Step 5: Routine

Set aside at least an hour a day for working on your goals. Turn off the TV and focus on you. Weather its research or physical labour ensure you lift your spirits by attending to what you really want.

It may be painful at first to drag your self out of tat comfort zone but stick with it, eventually ‘my goals time’ will become a habit bringing you even closer to your dreams.

Make lists each day with bullet points of actions and objectives to be completed in relation to your main goals, ensure you are ticking the list off, as the day goes buy.

Step 6: Have faith

When we know something is definitely achievable it is easy for us to do. E.g., we all know the dangers of operating heavy machinery at fast speeds in highly populated towns but we still take the risk every day when were driving our loved ones to school and church.

Why? Because after many driving lessons we become confident in our abilities and have faith that we are competent to go it alone. And the same can be said for having the life we desire. Simply knowing that you can not fail is a vital key in becoming a successful achiever.

Convince yourself that it's just a matter of time and that the universe is supporting your efforts along the way. 'You can not fail unless you give up permanently' there will be moments when you want to give up, maybe your rewards are seeming too far away. It's at these times when you must be strong, hold on to your will power and have faith.

If by chance you do happen to miss one of your Goal deadlines, please don’t beat your self up. Just extend the deadline and pick up the pace.

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