How do i stop feeling so guilty about past lies?

by Dalia

I lied to many friends about relationships that i have had in the past which i never had. The people did exist but i completely exaggerated. If i just kissed someone i would say I had a relationship with them. If someone text me, we had been on a date.
Its so pathetic, and ive finally come to terms with it. The thing is im 23 years old, not a teenager like most the poeple that will ask these questions. I was just so insecure for the majority of my life which is what made me a liar.

I dont want to confess as it will ruin relationships with my friends. The lies were so pathetic it just doesnt seem losing my friends over it, or losing their respect. Im hoping the lies will jsut die out.
I am so anxious about being found out for the liar i actually am (or was). I can't seem to study any more and constantly have a really stressed feeling in my chest. Its ruining my life now.

How can i overcome this? Confessing to my friends is not an option, its stupid and not worth losing them over.


Forgive yourself for everything you feel you ever did wrong in your eyes or anyone else's. We are all guilty of fabricating and exaggerating events to make ourselves feel and sometimes look better to others. Especially in our younger years.

It seems as though you have suffered enough by tormenting yourself with guilt! You have served your time and hopefully you have learned enough from this feeling that you wont do it anymore. Trust me, your friends and family have all lied to you in the past. 'Its simply human nature' You didn't hurt anyone with your stories so don't sweat it.

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