How do you gain confidence and stop caring what other people think?

by Annabell

I have got very low self esteem and hardly no confidence and I care wht other people think of me all the time. what could I do to gain confidence? and how to stop caring?


I think the answer lies in focusing more on how you feel about yourself at any given moment rather that worrying about what other people think. ''What other people think about you is none of your business''

The easiest way to gain confidence is to become great at something. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing 'do more of' practice at your talents and get skills in chosen areas that keep you creative and focused on something positive that is in turn making your life better.

You must remember that we all have insecurities its just that some people manage them better, There is nothing to fear but fear its self so when you over think things and give them more importance than they are worth you literally cripple yourself. You can never please everyone all of the time, as humans are naturally judgmental so you may as well please yourself.

If you are not hurting anyone else or yourself in the process then 'Do You'... There is no one on this earth like you so celebrate that miracle and start to enjoy a happier life. If you don't already have goals then get some, start planning and focus on working to manifest your dreams.

Start to become more positive in your actions and thoughts and see situations how you want them to be not how you don't want them to be. What you focus on most becomes your reality.... So focus on the good.

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