I suffer from depression and I don't know how to follow my dreams?

I am 33, i am scared i am getting old although i am young at heart but sick of negative comments about age. I suffer from depression and procrastination. I am working in an area which bores me and i don't know how to follow my dreams. I want to travel and find a new job i'm interested in (i would like to help others or do something fun which inspires others but have no idea what, all my life i have had a mental block about it).

I have had a lot of stress, dealing with depression and people not being well in my family, i try to be positive in my daily life which i am most of the time but its like i am handling things rather than building and making things better (procrastination). A part of me is starting to feel its too late, i really don't want to feel like this, people say i am full of life and i don't know why i feel like this at 33, i don't want it to be too late, i missed out on so much when i was young and want to find myself and love.

I am confident in some ways but no really in my abilities and it is stopping me, i have previously had anxiety and depression and have been brought up by parents who have not been that ambitious so may be i lack role models.

I have no idea what to do, if i can decide and how to decide, to be more pro-active in following my dreams, is it to late, how do i do all this? i also want to find love and don't want people to think i am past it!

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Aug 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

It sounds as though you are focusing a lot on the Aspects of your life that you find negative ie- your age, depression, lack of motivation and being single.

To be honest 33 is still young and the best time to start working on your dreams is now, after all now is all we ever have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised so don't waste time beating yourself up about all of the things you could have or should have done in the past, instead focus your time and energy on creating a better future while you fully enjoy the present.

See yourself as getting wiser instead of older. The ageing process happens to us all and it is true that others can get hung up on the 'number' but I often feel as though this is more to do with their own self esteem and insecurity issues. At the end of the day we are spiritual beings and therefore eternal.. Age as is time are merely illusions. If your a child at heart then express that and get creative!

Write a list of all of your great qualities and strengths, add to that things you totally enjoy and you will see before you a blueprint for your success. Dream big and always have faith that you can achieve anything you put your heart and soul in to. Remember all of the great things about your current job, even if its just that it keeps a roof over your head while you use the other time to work on you.

The fact that your parents were not great role models can be a motivation for you to make sure that you are the opposite so that when you have children they will look up to you fully and you can lead them by example. There will always be many negative things we can focus on in life but whats the point if they are not moving you towards your goals?

Depression will pull you in as deep as you allow it! Create better rituals for yourself daily to cause distractions. Exercise, meditate, and give thanks everyday, for your food, shelter, body, mind, friends, family etc.

When you can not decide what to do, just do something. Any action is better than reaction, if you don't have a plan for your life, life will have a plan for you.

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