Indian Cricket

by Nikita tyagi

Cricket is a game Of Millions,
But Indian Cricket is One In trillions.

The eleven diamonds when come on the pitch,
Makes the fans of other Countries Ditch.

They can beat any Lee, Cook or Watson,
Either by talent or aggression!

The bowlers want a wicket at every ball,
Whether it is applicable or a fowl.

Whether it is noon or midnight
riots or fights I cheer for VIRAT KOHLI.

But test cricket makes me drowsy!

And when the match is against Pakistan or the Ozs,
Everyone- Mumbaikars or Delhites Become Cozy!

There is no comparison of Indian Cricket,
As there are many wickets!

Pace is for Zak and Spin for Ash which makes all world class batsmen trash!

There are MCs – BCs on the fields. This raises each and every girl to stand on high heels!

As you watch it again and again it makes you fonder as it is the game of eleven wonders!

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