Is 33 too late to find a life partner?

by Mr P.

All my budies have Girl Friend.

Not sure what I can do!


Of course it is not. It's only too late when you are dead. Everyone deserves someone to love and who will love them back. As long as you are focused on improving yourself thats the main thing.

Dont be that 'guy that needs a girl' become that 'guy every girl needs' The times when we are single I believe are the times when you should be preparing yourself. All of the quality's you desire in a partner must be found in you first. You can not expect a sexy girl who keeps in shape and is ambitious and confident, to fall for a guy who seems needy, does not go to the gym and is not focused on his goals.

Dont waste time wondering where she is. Spend it getting ready for her, so when she comes she will never want to leave.

Girls find confidence attractive and passion. If you have not met your soul mate yet then there's still work to be done on 'you'.

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Aug 09, 2012
Don't sweat it NEW
by: Tashi

Sweetheart don't sweat it. 1.You are guy and this is one thing my friends use to mock me. It is a general knowledge that guys are forever handsome( if my male friend should here me admitting to this am dead). A guy can easily get married at 60, 70, but for women it very difficult. Just have that at the back of your mind and you should have no problem.

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