Is this rape? please help?

by Daniele

I am 15 years old and my i have been with this guy for three months now he is 17, the first three months have been amazing and we have not had sex yet, or done anything else i feel im still young and there's no rush i wanted my first time to be special.

It was a week ago now and I went round to my boyfriends house to watch a film and just be together really, he said he had a "surprise" for me, we sat on his bed and cuddled for a while then he started to be all weird and force full, he told me he loved me and that if I done this one thing he would love me even more(ive always been insecure when it comes to boys) so he got on top of me and started to push up on me. I told him to get of and that it was not the right time but he kept on going then he pulled my top and bra off and started doing stuff to my breasts he then took his own pants of and was asking me if I like what I saw, I begged him to stop and by this time I was upset because I was so shocked, he said if i didn't take my shorts of he would be angry and I would make him do something he didn't want to do.

So I did and he started to lick and suck on my vagina it felt good but I was to scared to enjoy it and then asked me if I was ready I was screaming at him to stop but he would but then he....

I wanted him to stop but he wouldn't so I eventually just took it.

Before I left he said that we should do that all the time and he loved me. I am so confused and need some advice on what to do, do I buy a pregnancy test?

was this rape because he was my boyfriend? I dont want to end things with him 1. because i still love him 2. im scared this will happen again if hes angry, i just feel loads of different emotions and need some advice on what to do?

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Aug 09, 2012
Please listen NEW
by: Tashi

You know how when you're a movie and you see a man abusing a woman and u say i would never have taken this if i were in her shoe, well news break; This is the kind of things that leads to a man beating his wife.If you take this from him then you are no better than the wife who is getting beaten. Please take this from me. I know that you have heard this saying enough to last you a life time but the only reason people say it is because it is true: there are plenty of fish in the sea and for me to see you take this kind of insult to your right and privacy is heart breaking. If you condone this you are indirectly telling this boy that what he did was acceptable. Please get rid of him because it people like him that messes up women lives.

Aug 05, 2012
by: Anonymous


No one has the right to force their self on you weather its your boyfriend husband whatever. The fact that he continued to hold you down even after you told him no is a complete violation of your human rights and in mu opinion yes, you have been raped.

You are really brave for speaking up and I would advise going to see your doctor. They may be able to refer you to a counsellor and offer you some support. You shouldn't feel isolated at a time like this, if you can and you feel comfortable then speak to your parents too. 'Although if that was my parents they would be after blood.

You done nothing wrong in this situationa nd have nothing to be ashamed of. This guy who you love so much, has no respect for you, your feelings or your family and there is no way you should consider seeing him in any capacity ever again.

If you haven't already then go to the police and file a report. This guy has seriously hurt you and he could do it to someone else, let the police know that you are afraid to leave him. You should never stay with someone out of fear.

He has shown you his true colours and exactly who he is! 'A bully'. If you take him back then you are condoning what he done, allowing him to do it again, the next time he looses control you might not live to tell the tale. He's obviously has mental health issues and need help. You can not be his victim and his saviour.

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