Favorite Life Quotes

Here is a collection of some of my favorite Life Quotes. They continue to inspire me daily!

I hope that these quotes encourage you too, so that your life becomes even more amazing.

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Everyone gets used. We all use others too. 'If your not being used, then your useless' Which is worst?.

~Victoria Grant~

The power of NOW. The Past, who cares? the future, ill be there. But for 'NOW' I am enjoying the gift that is the present.

~Victoria Grant~

If I have any complaints about anything, then it means that I do not appreciate my FREEDOM!.

~Victoria Grant~

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It is true that the heaviest loads do make us stronger. However, in order to gain strength we must remember that once the load is lifted we 'MUST' put it down. Gain strength from the previous loads in order to manage the next one!.

~Victoria Grant~

When the wind blows im grateful for the breeze that caresses my skin, when the rain pours I give thanks for the earth is being nurtured.

~Victoria Grant~

Music is Love, harmony is balance and beats make us multiply. Living in the now!.

~Victoria Grant~

When the sun shines I laugh as my complexion radiates, and when the earth quakes I remember that Mother Nature is just Landscaping! Nature, is beauty.

~Victoria Grant~

As I live, if There is only one Judgement I shall make. It is that I shall make no Judgements at all.

~Victoria Grant~

Never let someone else's belief shake your conviction!

Only you can decide what you want from your life, and all decisions design destiny!.

~Victoria Grant~

Wherever you are today is a reflection and manifestation of PAST thoughts actions and desires!

If you want a different tomorrow then make a change today.

~Victoria Grant~

Whatever action's we take on PURPOSE are ultimately our PURPOSE!

Be aware of your the action's and be mindful that they equal your destiny.

~Victoria Grant~

Being Positive does not mean that we can predict the outcome of every situation or know that everything will turn out exactly how we imagined!

Being Positive means, that we have FAITH and KNOW that regardless what happens it is all for the greater good.

~Victoria Grant~

Inner peace, joy and above all LOVE. Are our natural states of living and BEING!

They are not emotions such as happiness, pleasure, pain or hate. Be in a constant flow of the former to experience true Heaven on earth.

~Victoria Grant~

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Dreams do not happen and then we wake up.

Dreams truly happen when we wake up! When we are living the Dream.

~Victoria Grant~

Smile when your sad. Laugh when your angry. Play when your bored. Meditate when your lonely.

Give thanks each time your blessed (which is always). Dance when there's no music, and Dream while your awake. Life is not a dress rehearsal,this is it!.

~Victoria Grant~

We are spiritual 'BEINGS' experiencing a human life form. Hence why BEING/ACTIONS/BECOMING Speak volumes louder than words.

For actions are words once they become flesh. Therefore saying and thinking is never enough. It’s all about 'BEING'.

~Victoria Grant~

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