Light and Dark

Our entire universe and creation as a whole is abundant. Everything we are being and everything we aspire to is available to us from the moment we are born on to this physical plane.Heaven and hell, the dark and the light exist inside us all, as two separate halves of a whole. They cannot be separated they can only be mastered by you.

By recognising that these two opposites will always remain it is your duty to self, to understand what each stand for.Without knowing dark how could we know light? At times you may experience periods or moments of the dark, or what may be your idea of hell. When this occurs it can only be a sign for you to look within and seek the light, which is always there.

When darkness such as low self worth, depression, fear and failure sets in it creates a shadow over your inner light, peace, harmony and joy, so that all starts to seem like doom and gloom. When this happens you must always remember that life is a test.

Tests of will, tests of determination, tests of faith and most of all tests of love. When the darkness takes over it can last a lifetime if it goes unchecked. It can cause habitual behaviours that are not in alignment with your truth. Conflict will be felt as the light constantly tries to shine through you. Live with integrity and confidence.

The ultimate test in life is to remain in the light at all times. When the darkness arises through anger, wanting and pain, it must be seen as a lie as it does not serve your greater good. In turn replace those feelings with happiness, and kindness always with an attitude of gratitude.

Temptation is natural; the power lies with knowing what temptations are heavenly and will uplift you and those which are not. Things that cause short term pleasure and long term pain are usually from the dark.

To overcome unwanted habits you have created will cause immense pain to begin with but this will be short lived and the pleasure of mastering this habit will be eternal.But how do you know which one is which? Simple, write a list of all the things you do on a regular basis that causes you to think I shouldn’t have done that.

This could be over eating, smoking, gossiping, spending money, having sex, shouting and more. Whatever they may be they are personal demons that need to be tamed.Recognise your demons and take stock. Don’t try to erase them for they are and always be part of you.

Without them you would never be able to realise your own power, or gain strength enough to be enlightened. Conquer your demons by doing the direct opposite thing.

For that is the light. Instead of smoking try breathing exercises or meditation, for overeating watch your diet and do exercise, instead of having sex in noncommitted relationships be celibate and so on. But you know all this already don’t you.

Someone wise once said 'knowing the path and walking the path are two different thingS'. As you become a lighter being you are in alignment with your truth. No longer doing things that cause you regret. Instead, you pat yourself on the back daily for being in total control of who you really are.

If you are not being the perfect person you see in your mind’s eye, then you are only cheating yourself.Spirit is waiting for you to express the light through your creativity and love.

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