The LIGHT Within you Shines So Bright!

Let these words of Spiritual wisdom help you to unleash your Power, your Light and your Truth.

Are you Living to Die? Or Dying to Live?

Understand how blessed you really are :o)


It is your soul’s destiny to Love everything around you unconditionally. Pass no Judgements upon others with out judging yourself first. Everything you physically see around you is an illusion abstracted from memories and desire.

There are no such things as fears as nothing really exists anyway. We are all interwoven in to each other, as the driving force of creation works through us to finally express the LIGHT within, that which is LOVE.

To truly LOVE others is to truly LOVE your SELF as we are all one. To JUDGE others is to JUDGE your SELF’S as we are all one. Like a rain drop that falls from the sky in to the sea that brushes against the sand.

That crashes against the rocks to create mountains that raise lands and inhabit creatures, That we kill and eat, water we drink, air we breath through each molecule of our bodies then back out in to the air, which inflames our lungs with no effort at all. How could we not be one? Naturally!

Ever wondered why there are no defined lines in our dreams? No boundaries? Maybe because there is no such thing as time and space. Just illusions and conditions of the mind! When we sleep we are at one with the intuition which is always at one with the DIVINE!

Any thing is possible when you close your physical eyes and open your Minds Eye. Our link to the infinite divine, we fly, we walk on water and we teleport all in our natural state. Close your Physical eyes and AWAKEN.

Our Higher SELF knows no illness or disease it can not experience pain or sadness. Only LOVE / LIGHT / TRUTH. Accept what is happening NOW as it is there for us to Lean from. Remember the PAST for the lessons u learned.

Create the future and master your own destiny. The past is a prison for your memories and the driving forces for your Desires.


Ask your SELF, who can I help today? How can I make some one smile? DO IT! The feelings you receive from these simple acts of kindness are nothing compared to the fruits you will receive. CREATION is Abundant for a reason.

WE are all part of the same thing. The wind the trees and the oceans.Inside each and every one of us is the embryo of a part of GOD waiting to be nurtured and born. The LIGHT!

Yet each day people are living their earth life’s unaware of their TRUE vocations. Give Birth to the LIGHT inside, it connects you to the OMEGA / CREATOR of all. We are all powerful creators who can manifest whatever we think about most!


It’s our RESPONSE/ABILITY, ability to respond to our Soul's purposes and to wake up. There is no such thing as COINCIDENCE. These are just co-ordinated incidents. KARMA, seeds that are planted through our thoughts, deeds, actions and words! Before doing any thing we have a thing called CHOICE.

ASK your SELF each time you make a choice. Is this for the greater good of others and ultimately my SELF? Will this in some way uplift mankind or destroy it? Once the answer comes from within it will be the right one. No Doubt. No Fear!



We can not change the past or how it may of affected us, but we can change how we feel about it at this present moment. Now is all we have and tomorrows never guaranteed!

Give thanks for the things in your life that really matter as they are all free and make u very rich. Love, light, truth, trust, loyalty, family and friends.

What we don’t have right now we don’t need or can not handle any way, so don’t sweat it, appreciate the blessings and cushions provided for us by the almighty and in times of doubt have faith and pray!(That is, Give Thanks, not Beg) in case you didn’t know what real prayer is. God is NEVER sleeping.

Before you ask for something it has already been given to u, so y worry? If you've been good then good is surely coming to you. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW is the case regarding all we think, say, do and feel.

It all comes back to us in the end, as well as causing Positive or Negative vibrations on the way, so be very aware of all u do.

God doesn’t give up on us, as we all make mistakes from time to time, unsure of the repercussions caused by our doings. We can still redeem our self's in self less acts of kindness love and empathy for all Gods creatures!

Have faith in the creator that you are truly blessed and favoured. And all your heart desires will surely manifest!

Stay blessed my Kings & Queens
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