by Tara Reynolds
(Grand Island NE 68801)

How do I get my husband to want his marriage to work. Out and move back home?

Victoria's Answer

Hello Tara and thank you for your question!

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the exact circumstances that led to your current separation however I do believe that no one can control what another decides to do in any situation.

The only one you have control over in any moment is yourself...

If your husband left because of yours or his infidelity then the question you need to ask is 'Do you really want him back'

If the trust is still in the relationship and your separation is for other reasons then the best thing you can do is let him know how you are feeling 'face to face' and give it time.

Once he knows your intentions are to get him back in to the marital home then it is out of your hands. He can then conclude weather or not this is what he wants also.

Do not try to force his hand and remember that even in situations where you feel suffering there is growth and reason.

~Everything is relevant~

Focus on becoming the best version of yourself!

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Hope this helps...Stay Blessed

Love and Light x

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