Missing You

by Dr Sabir Ahmad
(KPK Pakistan)

I loved the way you talk
and also the way you walk

I remember the way you missed me
and also the way you kissed me

I miss the way you used to hug me from the back
and also the way of proposing me at the west lake

I know the way you cooked tofu was the best
and of course also the rest

I think life with you was amazing
and also some sort of blessing

I want to feel you at this very time
and also for my life time

I wish that I had never let you cry
and also stop your eyes from getting dry

I loved you and still love you
and also will love you

I wonder where to find the time machine
and also (NI DE XIN )

But I guess this is the end of our story
and also the time to feel sorry

I will miss you for my whole life
and also make you my dream wife

Dr Sabir Ahmad

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