Money Matters! or Does it?

Contrary to popular belief, it really does not take money to make money 'as the old saying goes' however once you have it of course it would be much easier to accumulate more.

Many successful millionaires and billionaires all began their journeys with little or none at all, instead of worrying about how much they did not have they focused on what was available.

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~When there are no resources be resourceful~

If you are truly honest with yourself you would agree that over the years many ideas and inspirations have come to you, be it during sleep or throughout the day, when these sparks of what seemed like pure brilliance flashed in to your mind you probably thought 'YES'this is my moment, my time to be original, add my contribution to the world and live my wildest dreams.

What actions did you take immediately after your great idea? did you write it down and begin to create a plan for having it manifest? did you find yourself reading up on literature in a book or on the internet about how to make it happen? maybe you called your friends and invited them around for a mastermind session on how you can work together to get the ball rolling?.

Well if you did any of the above then I commend you for your efforts because to be totally blunt most people who have these wonderful ideas, never follow them up with an action.

For most of us when we have an idea it is as if the moment takes over our spirit and lifts us to a place of pure elation and joy. We have so many plans to get our ideas up and running and then all of a sudden out of nowhere our deep rooted fears kick in and the illusion called 'reality' begins.

At once the feelings of 'lack' creep in to taunt our spirit with doubts and worry. Feelings like 'It will take too long for me to get this done' or 'How could someone like me do something like that' or 'no one will like my idea anyway so what is the point in trying? and I nearly forgot the most common one out of them all 'I don't have enough money.'

How many times have you heard someone say or you yourself said 'I don’t have enough money for that?' too often the thought of not having overrides the truth that you already have it all to give.
These negative thoughts are not your truth, they are based on fear's and although it may seem challenging to face at times that fear is there to protect not disable you.

Use the feeling of fear to drive you towards your dreams not away from them Tips for overcoming Fear.
The difference between those who have millions in the bank and those with none has nothing to do with education, background or how much money they began with, the only thing that differs from them and you is attitude.

With the right attitude anything can be accomplished, there are two sides to every coin and when it comes to attitude that coin is either positive or negative. A bad attitude can lead you away from your hopes and dreams while a positive attitude will lead you directly towards them.

When it comes to making money 'a lot of money' the first thing you will need is a great positive outlook. You will require a deep set belief that you deserve to be rich and that you are favoured by the Universe and its creator to have abundance. You have to create a 'knowing' mindset that doesn’t allow for any doubt to enter when it comes to fulfilling your dream.

You must always see yourself in your mind’s eye as the person you want to be while you take the necessary actions required for the attainment.

The minute you have an idea or a flash of inspiration remember that it has been given to you by the source of all creation, you will only ever be given things that you can handle in this life and that include magnificent ideas.

We are all blessed with talents and gift's for the world it just so happens that some people prefer to stay in their comfort zone afraid of failure and therefore they don’t even try. And as a result we are robbed of ever knowing the full potential of ourselves and others.

~We are all deep, it is just that some of us choose to remain at the surface~

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