The Importance of Strong Morals and Values!

Having Morals and values for your self are very important, to ensure that your behavior and intentions are always in alignment with the greater good for you and others. Our morals keep us grounded. They act as a guide a sort of blue print for our actions. What we hold dear to our hearts and that which we care about most become our values. The standards we set silently for each encounter we have.

You do not have to be perfect to live with high standards, after all, how many of us are? But they do entrust us with a level of responsibility. With morals and values we think first before acting. Pray first before cursing and listen before we speak.

Some of us have been lucky enough to of had parents and guides to teach us these starting at a young age. Others however, may not have been so fortunate.

For those of us who did have positive role models growing up, there are still many things we learn throughout our lives that may shake our conviction and make us question these morals and values in order to assess how real they are. We may change, adjust, renew or even completely get rid of those that no longer hold true. It is part of the natural process of self discovery. And it happens to us all.

We realise that our own life experiences and perceptions have a massive effect on what we regard as important, what we believe sets president for a peaceful and fulfilling life. If up until now you have never thought of what your own morals and values are, that’s ok! You can continue or start building your list and then begin living by it.

Below is a list of my morals, and values that I hold dear in my life. Please think about your own as you read down the list.

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Treat others how I want to be treated

This simple yet effective promise to my self enables me to always have joy filled days.

I have set the bar very high when it comes to treating my self. I honour respect, truth, loyalty and trust. I therefore ensure that I treat others in this manner.

I refuse to be mistreated and so I do not mistreat. Although I can not control any one else’s character I can determine what I allow to effect me, and with whom I spend my time.

Do not judge others without judging my self

Every one I meet is a reflection of me. The faults I see in others are mine, the beauty in witness is also within me.

To know something we must have first experienced it. And we experience faults and beauty in ourselves. I learn from others my own tolerance and how to be a better person.

I see the similarities before the differences and build relationships with the being not the personality.

We all take on many different characters daily on this stage called life, circumstances will put us in lead role at time while at others we may be silent extras. I look past the script and just be.

Be honest with my self

If I do something wrong or if something is not working out for me, I let my self know.

I aknowledge what is happening and remind my self that this also is an opportunity to grow.

I admit whatever actions, thinking or behaviour has landed me here and forgive my self in order to move on.

I do not have regrets or beat my self up for making mistakes and I openly ask for help if necessary to evolve.

Keep my opinions to my self

I have found that the problem with opinions is that they are only an individuals perception of a situation.

Opinions are not fact, rather a collection of views based on personal taste and choice. As we are all so incredibly different and no two characters can be identical, opinions are often a reflection of what we are feeling and can therefore cause more hurt than good.

They change every day as we learn and grow. Like they say 'opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one and a lot of the time they are full of crap' :o).

Advise lovingly

When friends and family ask me for advice I always give my answer from a place of love. I consider their feelings and empathise with what they are going through.

I do not judge them or insist that my way is the right way. Instead I give them the same advice I give to my self which is 'you already know the answer'. It may sound cleche but I believe that all the answers we ever need are inside and I value that.

I advise them that as long as the solution they seek benefits them and others then that is the best bet. I remind them of their own self worth and that whatever decision they make, to never look back.

Be helpful

I find joy in asking others if they would like my help. I have learnt that people don’t always want to be seen as a burden by seeking a little assistance.

No man is an island and by our natures we were born to spread the loads. There is a wealth of knowledge to be received from others and by simply helping it opens up that door.

When I die from this earth life I want to be remembered for helping others as much as I could.

Being helpful is being humble, I am grateful that I have been given the tools that some one else needs to further their journey also.

Be willing to serve

I enjoy writing songs, poetry and as you may have guessed guidance! I don’t think that having knowledge is power, but sharing it is.

It has become my duty and life’s call to share my inspiration with others. I feel that I have benefited greatly from learning at my own pace about the beauty of life and I wish to share that with all I meet.

Being of service to uplift another is what we are all built for. We all have gifts and talents that when properly expressed can literally move mankind to a higher vibration.

Always remember love

It’s easy at times to get caught up in emotions and react according to the feelings we have.

Every experience in life is a test of our will power, endurance and humility. When I am faced with challenging moments I always remember love.

I choose to see each situation from a positive view point and act in accordance with that, instead of letting circumstances control me and leave outcomes to fate. If someone is disrespectful or rude to me I see it as their fault, not mine.

I understand the strain that others may go through and that we all deal with pain in different ways. Although I may no appreciate their tone or behaviour I am aware that for all of our differences we have so much more in common.

I remember that we are sharing oxygen and watch them breath, I remember they too have a heart and were once a care free child.

I remember that before I started my journey of self discovery I had ratty days and ignorant out burst's, I remember our true natures as spiritual beings.

And I remember that real love is unconditional.

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