My Boyfriend Attacked me!

by Anon

When I was out at the weekend clubbing with my friends. and little did I know that my current BF was standing opposite and watching my every move. I had a few drinks so I was a little bit tipsy but not drunk. Some of my friends are male and we were 'as a group' all dancing together.

Then out of nowhere I felt someone grab my arm and pull me through the crowd before I could do anything my feet where in the air.

My friends tried to pull me back but it was too late, before I knew it my BF had my hair wrapped around his hand and he was shouting abuse in my face and calling me crazy names.

We have been together for over two years and although we have our arguments this had to be the worst.

Please Victoria What shall I do?

Victoria's Answer

Thank you first for your question and for being so honest.

I do not condone violent behavior and I do not think that if someone truly cares for you that they would act that way.

If you allow him to remain in your life then be prepared for it to get worse before it ever gets better as he will only do to you what he thinks you will stand for.

And standing for violence is a lot!

You deserve to be treated as a queen, just how you would expect your daughter to be treated. Remember that.

You are not a punching bag and if someone has a problem with you then that is 'their problem' not yours. Raise the standards you have for yourself and do not accept any less than a queen is worth.

Learn to love yourself and no one will ever be able to treat you poorly. Show him that you do not condone his actions by walking away for good.

Too many times innocent people are killed by accident in domestic violence incidents, Please don't let that be you!

Stay inspired that your future is bright and be thankful that you found this out sooner rather than later.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck x


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