by Takiya

Remember This....

Remember This....

Remember smiling is failure cause all you do is cry

And success is impossible if you fail to try

Study hard love more

Open the door,

Let everyone be free to go, if they don't

Want to stay

Don't push love ones away

Cause at the end of the day, you'll pay.

Don't be wrong and strong

Cause you'll fall down,

Forget and forgive

Cause you only got one life to live,

Make mistakes, don't have any regrets

Always remember that special person you met.

Kiss good-bye to the pain

Don't play with people like it’s a game,

Keep moving forward

And let go of the past

Try and make all the good things last.

Remember to always be yourself

And never try to be anyone else

Always, always be you

And remember that I will always love you.

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