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Right and Wrong vs Right and Left!

There will be many moments in life when unexpected events take us out of the comfort zone and demand us to think outside of the box, dig deep and manage some extremely painful emotions. There are two sides to every coin and although you may cherish and long for the good days when everything is rosy it is inevitable that on the flip side you will also experience some not so fun days.

When things happen it is always for a reason, it may not be immediately apparent but believe when I say that everything has a purpose for the greater good. Life is a cycle as with everything else in this existence so what goes around surely does come back around. Imagine for a moment that your life was illustrated in the example below, the simple circle.

Fix your attention on the 'decision' point. If you go to the right you will see that the outcome of your decision will be met swiftly as to get from Start to Right is a relatively short journey which in an ideal world would be wonderful if things were always so straight forward.

Now I want you to do the same thing fix your attention on the start point but instead of going right you go left ‘backwards even’ as it seems on the diagram. Follow the circle all the way around and keep going left, where do end up?

Exactly where you would have if you had gone 'Right' from the 'Start' point.

You see, there is no right and wrong only right and left.

'But what about when someone hurts me' I hear you ask, surely that must be wrong?

Well my honest answer to that question is that even when things happen to us that cause pain they happen so that we as individuals can learn and grow to become better human beings, It won’t always be immediately apparent why certain things seem to happen or how the experience may in time be a useful tool or pivotal moment for us but the fact remains that whatever happens there is always something powerful to be learned from it.

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