Throw the Dice

by Hexmage

Awake, in darkness, shadow's whisper
It's true, Admit it, Accept it, Live it
An outcast, alone in a world of lonesome
Contemplating fears and shadows
Letting pseudo-confidence fade.

An emotional cripple, alone except for shadows
Retreating into the world of chance
Running numbers and rolling dice
Faking self into belief, but it's all a lie.

Lies ruled by fears and shadows
A world lived in by all, accepted by none
Shadows controlling their puppets.

Mariette strings of fate and chance
Hidden inside lies, covered by friendship
But alone in the world, unable to befriend
The strings are clear
Scissors drawn,


Now everyone is alone, no purpose, no sense
The dice dictate life, shadows roll them
How can you ignore the whispers
End it, Finish it,Be done,

Cast a hand, suffer the fates
Already alone, dice are thrown!

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Mar 11, 2012
I agree NEW
by: Anonymous

The Dice.. Its so true! In life we have to work with what we get once we roll the dice. Its not what it could or should be. It is what it is!

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