Victoria's Weekly Guidance 01/10/2012 ''How to find True Love.''

by Victoria Grant

Being 'In love' means being in a place called love. You can not be in two places at the same time so if you are not in love I suggest you find your self there.

Love is a place the exists infinitely and resides within. It is eternal, it is always there. No matter what the day of the week it is or the season of the year love remains.

~Love does not make you feel a certain way. You feel a certain way because of love~

*read the above quote again*

The journey to love begins with loving yourself for yourself is where true love resides.

Love will always attract more love so if its a loving partner you desire then they can only appear once you are transmitting on a frequency of love.

Ever noticed how you become extra beautiful to the opposite 'or same' sex when you are already involved in a relationship? Well the reason why is because you are emitting an energy of love. Because of this others want to be with and around you. It is infectious!

The same feelings you get when you fall deeply and madly for another include appreciation, generosity, gratitude,care, motivation and positivity. Do not wait for someone else to ignite these feelings inside.

Start today to treat yourself how you would treat a new born baby. Unconditional love will flow from you around you too you and through you.

Love and Light - Until Next Week x

Victoria Grant

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