Victoria's Weekly Guidance 03/09/2012 'You and Me and I'

by Victoria Grant

It always amuses me how the many conversations had in ones mind can sound form the outside looking in. Think about your own thoughts for a moment and how you relay information to yourself within your own mind...

Do you literally feel like the third person in your own life? Always questioning yourself about the right thing to do in any given situation. If the following conversation sounds way too familiar then you are suffering from the 'You and me and I' syndrome.

~ Senario ~
You hate your job and feel that you have gained enough skills and confidence to move to the next level, this would include more freedom at work, more money and more experience to be gained. You see a job advertised and it seems to be the perfect one for you.

Does the conversation in your mind go a little something like this.

You – Wow that role looks amazing I would love to work for that company

Me – do you know how many other much more suitable applicants there will be? Anyway it is way to far to commute each day and you know that.

You – yeah but the rewards will so outweigh the fact that i have to commute further, I will meet new likeminded people and probably progress wonderfully in my career.

Me - Ahhh whatever, you haven’t even gained the right skill set yet just wait until next year you never know what could happen.

You – maybe your right I don’t really need a new job right now anyway who am I kidding.

This is just a brief example of the types of mini battles that happen inside us all. Until that is you realise that there is only one you. I repeat ‘there is only one you’ the voices you have been entertaining do not control who you are unless you give them such power.
Instead of having mini battles in your own mind ‘the mind that you own’ concentrate on the essence that is the real and authentic you the eternal and infinite 'I AM.'

Try this strategy instead. Forget the conversations you used to have all together – and relate to 'I.'

Life gets so much easier when you stop arguing with yourself for living with internal conflict. How about this? Using the same 'job' example as above.

I am the best candidate for this post, I am so excited about making the application and securing the interview.

I am a powerful creator with so much to offer, any organisation would be lucky to have me.

I am super confident that everyone in the office will love me for I am love.

I am excited and I am visualizing myself starting my new role, I am seeing myself exactly as I intend to be.
I am confident in all of my abilities and I have unwavering faith that I am truly always favoured by my creators and this abundant universe.

Practice using 'I AM' from now on in all of your minds chatter.
Only use the words ‘you and me’ when you are referring to another actual person. Not yourself. There are not three of you!

As written in on e of the good books ‘I AM...That... I AM' in other words whatever 'that' represents at the time is what 'I am' becoming.

So if you constantly remind yourself how useless you are or hold on to negative thoughts about yourself your life will be a reflection of just that.

Always use the affirmation 'I AM' before any prolonged thoughts of a thousand outcomes begin.

Have unwavering faith and confidence that whatever you state with 'I AM' will be your destiny.

Until Next Week.

Love and Light

Victoria Grant

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Sep 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

Food for thought as always Victoria :-) xxx

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