Victoria's Weekly Guidance 05/11/2012 'Conspiracy theories and Secret societies'

by Victoria Grant

Do some people use conspiracy theories and secret societies as an excuse to hate others who are more successful and not work hard at becoming their own personal best?

We are now living in the information age's where more than ever people are able to access tones of information on conspiracy theories and secret societies.

Time and time again I am amazed at the speed by which these stories are carried spread and often taken as gospel by so many.

Since the dawn of time people have enjoyed a good story, something that takes them to a new dimension within their minds with tales of magic, adventure and the unknown. Hoping that there is one final answer to summarize the meaning of life.

Humans for centuries have been searching. From scientists to psychics we all have our personal interpretation of why we are here and what our purpose is.

When news of conspiracy theories and secret societies are leaked it causes groups of individuals to question their own abilities to shape and create their future, as result many live in fear. Fear of making any positive effort or steps towards their dream, blaming various institutions for their own demise, living in a constant losing battle with the world while reinforcing their notion's by reading and gossiping about more secret societies and conspiracy theories.

~My humble opinion~

''If you believe everything you read you will begin to read everything you believe''

What you believe you receive, anything you focus on magnifies and becomes prominent within your mind. The thoughts you dedicate most of your time on, you ultimately empower.

Don't get caught up in things that do not serve a purpose for the greater good of yourself and others. Learn to entertain the notion that you alone are in control of your life and only you can be held responsible for where you are at and where you are going. If something is driving you to only see the bad in another person or Nation then let it go.

The truth of the matter is that we all control our own world, your perception is your reality. You can only be conditioned if you believe it to be true. I am not by any means saying that these organizations do not exist, the relevant proof and evidence suggests they definitely do. But that should never stop you from aiming high and being the best.

Start your own secret society if that interests you, even better call it a mastermind group. Meet with your carefully selected group and work on how you can help others and make money at the same time! Think of your own secret group as your way to take back control.

There are many disturbing and frightful things going on in the world but there are also many good things too. Try to fill up on the latter. 'Media is not knowledge' and as you know many a small thing can be made huge with the right advertising. Enjoy the news if you must, but don't make it the determining factor for how you view your life. Incorporate positive news in to your day also to create more balance.

A peaceful outside is a reflection of a peaceful inside. Its not good karma to speak bad of people and go to war based on what you have heard through the grapevine. There will always be three sides to every story his, hers and the truth so don't waste your precious moments on trying to figure it out.

Be open-minded to new ideas and expand your horizon! Unless you see it first hand or feel it with your own touch then you do not KNOW it.

Take anything you hear with a pinch of salt and if its something negative then don't spread it to your fellow man, it could upset their day and it may not be true. Aim to uplift others not bring them down.

If there is one thing I would love you to take away from reading this it would be 'Whatever you focus on you Empower'

Tell your friends and remember to Focus on the Good!

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