Victoria's Weekly Guidance 06/08/2012 'LASER FOCUS'

by Victoria Grant
(United Kingdom)

The Importance of staying LASER FOCUSED.

If there is something or someone that you want to manifest in to your physical reality then it will require you to remain laser focused on t he object of your desire and 'keep your eyes on the prize.' Using techniques such as visualisation, meditation, positive affirmations and self control you can create anything.

For instance: If you are feeling unhappy about your current circumstances at work and would like a new job then ask yourself in this moment what are you currently focused on?. Are you constantly thinking about how awful your role at work is, your salary is not meeting your financial needs and every day seems like a battle from the minute you leave your bed to the moment you arrive home in the evening.

If this sounds like you 'in any area of your life' then you are 'laser focused' on the negative and as a result you keep receiving more of the same. Your situation can NOT change until you do. Read that again just to be clear. Your situation can NOT change until you do

Weather you are conscious of it or not you have been 'laser focused' since birth on certain aspects that make up your life as it is today. Do not feel guilty about what or who your are now it is not by default that this is your present reality, it is by choice.

If today is not as bright as you may like it to be that's perfect, you have the opportunity NOW to flip the coin and create a brighter tomorrow.

Instead of thinking, acting and speaking about all of the negatives at your job, begin to focus on the positives. Be grateful that you are in employment at all as there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world today who would love to be in your position. Give thanks that you have the chance to contribute daily to be of service to others. Your new mindset will keep your spirits high and give you purpose throughout the day 'a reason to keep on going.'

If you are still unhappy then it may be time to look for a new job. If that's the case then spend some 'you time' writing down the things you want to offer in your life, that which you are good at and those things you always enjoy.

And then start planing for that new career or business.

Take time to do your CV and start making applications for new roles daily, get in to the habit of doing interviews and you will begin to gain confidence weather you are a successful candidate or not. Think and dream about nothing else apart from securing that new wonderful role at your favourite company. Dream big DONT be a big dreamer.

Once you have manifested that new career then you can focus on the next goal. Be it a relationship, purchase or something else.

Repetition is the mother of all skill so repeat your meditation, affirmations and visualisations daily hourly whatever it takes along with your daily positive actions and words about your future.

If you have been lying to yourself this far about how 'awful' life is and how every day is a struggle then this is the reason your life remains this way. Start lying to yourself about how wonderful life is and see what happens.

Try it I dare you.

Lots of Love until next week.

Victoria Grant

PS - Stay Laser Focused!

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