Victoria's Weekly Guidance 08/01/2013 'Life happens on the inside first'

by Victoria Grant

Life happens on the inside first..

Whatever you currently feel about yourself will be reflected in your external life. Your daily choices are based on what you perceive your feelings to mean.

Eg: 'EXTERNALLY' If you are experiencing a lack of enjoyment from life, maybe you constantly procrastinate and then beat yourself up about it creating a cycle..


'INTERNALLY' You are probably telling yourself how useless you are as a result of past failures. You will choose to believe that if you try you will only fail again so why try at all? Again a Cycle..

Until you can manually overdrive the program you have been installing in your brain for years you will not be able to create new better neuro-connections that will ultimately change the reflection of your current circumstances.

Your brain is controlled and mastered by your mind. If you imagine new better versions of yourself and life then these images can be imprinted in to the wiring of your brain.

With lots of daily practice you can rewire your brain towards the lifestyle that you do want instead.

You will never be happy with life until you are happy with you.

That includes staying true to yourself 'integrity' is a value that must be mastered as it enables you to stick to your path and honor promises made to yourself and others no matter what.

Also a dedication to continuous self improvement and growth always so that you do not ever feel old or useless.

Food for thought guys I know you have the tools but do you have the minerals?

Remember this if nothing else...


Until Next Week

Victoria Grant x

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