Victoria's Weekly Guidance 08/10/2012 'What is the blueprint for your life?'

by Victoria Grant

When you were a child I know there was a boundless energy for life that literally filled your being. Ideas of being someone or something that would leave a huge impact on the world, was it a teacher? An astronaut ? or maybe like me you just wanted to sing, dance, write and be a superstar. Whatever your dreams may have been they have and always will remain with you.

The blueprint for your life will be the map that guides and follows you throughout. If you are not experiencing joy in one or several areas of your life then it may be due to the fact that you are not currently living according to your blueprint.

I used to think that my blueprint would change as I get older or that maybe I could amend it as I go along to help fit in with the current situations, people and circumstance of the moment however I was wrong. What I soon came to realize is that my blueprint was a map rooted in my deepest values.

Although the goals you have may change or move in to new territory the bases of why you want to achieve something will remain the same. If you wanted to be a 'police or fire person' when you were younger it is likely that you seek adventure and heroism.

Are you being the hero in your own life today? Are you adventurous and brave.

If not then you are not living within your highest values. To serve to help to teach etc..

Whatever your blueprint is let it lead you to becoming the person you know you deserve to be.

Until Next Week

Love and Light

Victoria Grant

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Oct 09, 2012
successful NEW
by: Charlie P

The blueprint for your life will determine weather or not you experience pleasure or pain! Living and knowing the blueprint for my life makes me an architect and designer of it.

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