Victoria's Weekly Guidance 10/09/2012 'A stranger is only a friend you haven’t met yet'

by Victoria Grant

Ever found it perculiar that as young children we are so often taught as a matter of personal safety never to talk to strangers?

If you had a childhood anything like mine then you will remember the many TV adverts, representatives from authority figures and parents and friends all stating the same thing. Basically that if you talk to strangers 'bad' evil things will happen.

Well how bizarre is that? Really think about that statement and what it really means. We live and function in a universe based on infinite trust weather we are consciously aware of it or not, we each depend highly on the attitudes, ideas and behaviours of others to help us through the day.

From the prepared and packaged foods we buy in the supermarkets the roads we drive on and the public transport that is so readily available and used by many.

In actual fact the truth is that we rely on strangers for our basic needs daily so why on earth would anyone advise another 'do not talk to strangers?' well the obvious answer is fear. Meant with the greatest of intentions coming from what is perceived as love although the opposite is probably a lot more fitting.

You see when you cut off the natural flowing energy that creates and maintains relationships it is literally like stopping your own air. Just as you need air to breath you also need other people to live.

I completely understand the idea of trying to keep children out of the danger of being kidnapped or worst by an undesirable, but a far more useful guide for your children I feel would be to 'Trust your intuition and never go off with anyone unless your parents or guardian have asked you too' *simple*

If children are to grow up as confident well rounded adults then it is imperative that they are not filled with fears that could cause them to not have trust in others and ultimately them self. Words are very powerful and children are especially receptive to all that they hear.

Be mindful of what seeds you are planting in your children, friends and familys ears. Are they filled with positive energy or backed by fear?.
Remind yourself often that a stranger is only a friend you havent met yet! Follow your intuition and have faith that you are well protected.

Dont live in fear, dont even live in hope.... 'Just Live and let Live'

Love and Light

Until Next Week My Friend!

Victoria Grant

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Sep 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

My friend.. My heart! I always read your website and I feel uplifted all the time after a day of stress lool.


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