Victoria's Weekly Guidance 13/08/2012 'The Power of WILL'

by Victoria Grant

Ever find yourself asking the question 'when did I become addicted to cigarettes, food, depression, procrastination, alcohol or anything else that seems to now hinder your life?.'

Well if in fact you are partly human like the rest of us then I am sure at one point you too have wanted to change some unwanted habit that has now stopped serving you. 'By serving you I mean making you feel good.'

It is almost impossible to put your finger on the exact moment when your habit became your addiction. You see it happens over time and rather than being a one off occasion.

A continuation of repeated behaviour over a lengthy period of time.

Without even noticing it you have been excersizing the power of 'WILL.' Every time you act, speak or think in a certain way an invisible thread is created in the universe that attaches its self to you.

Think of it like this. You put on your radio and the music playing is transmitting from 106 FM, 'you are now locked in'. Until you decide to tune out and listen to another station.

You are the same as that radio station when it comes to creating habits. You tune in to a particular behaviour and then practice it over and over again the only difference is that with the radio station the dials control what you want to listen to next if you decide to change channels.

However when it comes to changing your own habitual patterns only you are in control. You become the dials in your own life and the power of 'WILL' is the only thing that can help you to remain on your new path.

The invisible threads created by us strengthen like a muscle when the same patterns are repeated over time, that muscle can become so solid that it literally over powers all outside reasoning. That is why when you decide to break out of old habits it can seem like a battle with your self. This muscle is a weapon on 'WILL.'

If you are constantly beating yourself up about releasing negative habits and then continuing to practice them daily it is a sure sign that the only way you can overcome the addiction is to now rebuild your positive 'WILL' muscle consciously. Using your new reasons for a better life.

There is no secret cheat to overcome addiction, it takes muscles and time. The same formula you used to create the beast must also be used to tame it. It will be painful at first because the positive muscle has been out of action for a while but persevere.

Self control and discipline must be practised until like anything it becomes second nature. Write down your patterns today, see what triggers you to smoke, over eat or drink excessively. What can you do today to replace that habit?.

Be creative and think of things that are healthy and bring ultimate joy. Notice I said 'ultimate joy' as it may not seem so joyful to begin with.

~ Short term pain = Long term pleasure ~

Exercise your power of 'WLL' and get back control of your life.

Love and Light friend's!

Victoria Grant

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