Victoria's Weekly Guidance 17/09/2012 'Smile though your heart is aching'

by Victoria Grant

Bless everyone you meet, pray for them give them something too. It doesn't have to be a material object. A smile, a compliment or some loving guidance will do. Make everyone you meet fall in love with you.

Just imagine how your life would be if your main goal was to have everyone you encounter fall deeply and madly in love with you. Sounds like a plan to me! And I am not talking about the way you look either I mean the way you make someone feel.

If you are having a good day then it will infect others to do the same. As the wise old saying goes 'kill them with kindness.'

Try not to engage in complaining fests with those around you that includes family and friends, even though you may agree that life can be difficult and all the rest your main focus must always be on moving forward, remaining positive and concentrating on finding solutions rather than being fixed on the problem.

Fall for me..Fall for me. Fall for me! Make this your internal mantra each time to meet anyone anytime anywhere.

Our main purpose is to love and be loved. Think about a new born baby that just enters the world all they know is unconditional love, everyone who meets them literally falls in love at first sight, wanting to protect guide nurture and provide for them all at once.

So when exactly does this infinite bond of trust disappear? Babies can be the loudest, smelliest demanding creatures on earth yet we adore and wrap them in love so tightly we want never to let go. What is it about them that we are so naturally drawn to and would give our own life for? Well my belief is that it is pure unconditional love.

We are all children of our creators, we never age and die we simply grow and transform. You too are spirit! Love flows to you and from you and it is just a case of realising that fact. Begin to firstly fall in love with the art of yourself that is pure and true and others will follow your lead.

It is the easiest thing in the world to love and be loved when everything is going your way, when relationships, career, money and life in general seem to be going smoothly. Wouldn’t it be great if it could always be so....

But then how far would humanity really get? You see without pain how could you really know what pleasure tastes like?

You must experience uncomfortable situations so that you can grow. And after all that is the main goal in life for if you are not growing you are dying.

It may be painful at first attempts to try an love and be loved by those people who may annoy irritate and disturb your inner peace, but the harder it feels the more learning opportunity there is.

So whenever you decide to react in a negative way that you may well regret. Smile! Take a deep breath and smile. Remember that everyone is trying to attain the same ultimate goal in life 'To be Happy' we all have different blueprints for making this possible.

We may not agree with other people’s actions or words but by having an awareness of knowing that they are working within their current level of consciousness it becomes easier to recognise this universal desire to attain happiness.

Great wisdom comes when you realise that happiness is not the destination it is the entire journey!

~Start with Happiness each day and it will glide behind you in all of your morrows~

Until Next Week

Love and Light Always X

Victoria Grant

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