Victoria's Weekly Guidance 18/12/2012 'Must Add to your Christmas List'

by Victoria Grant

What is on your Christmas list this year?

New shoes, car, mobile phone, shopping spree, games console, new kitchen or maybe a luxury getaway in to the sun...

I am sure that you could add another million items to the ones above and that would be just for the kids :o)

Christmas is about giving from your heart, not your wallet. It is about remembering to be grateful for the wonderful blessings in your life and showing thanks by sharing what you do have with those less fortunate.

Teach the children in your life the importance of giving 'This Christmas' and always.

It is the most beautiful trait in the world and they will always be abundant in that which they share.

Don't just spare a thought for the homeless family, elderly person with no heating, the little boy who will never see. Or the thousands of children in the world without clean water this Christmas.

Spare a penny, a pound or a few hours volunteering.

There is always someone out there who would love your life!

Until Next Week

Love and Light x

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