Victoria's Weekly Guidance 19/11/2012 'The Importance of Forgiveness'

by Victoria Grant

Forgiveness is a vital part of life weather you choose to accept that you must forgive or not.

If someone hurts you in any way it can seem as though that person becomes your greatest enemy. 'How dare they do that to me' you say. Wondering what could have possibly possessed them to behave in that manner.

Whatever the gripe may be at some point in your life you will be faced with the task of forgiveness.

See your so called 'enemy' as another one of your teachers. Here to teach you patience and tolerance.

Hate multiplies and so does love. So whatever you are feeling is reflected and manifested in your own life.

The thing about forgiveness is that it has more to do with managing your own karma and health that anything else. You see it takes more dense energy to harbor bad feelings that it does to love. And the only one who feels any pain is 'you.'

I am not saying that you should forget the pain that someone or indeed yourself put you through. What I am suggesting is that you take the lesson it brought so that you can unload the baggage that carrying around this pain has created.

Lighten your load and remember that we are all aiming for happiness, we are just taking different routes to get there.

By not forgiving someone you are not hurting them, in fact you are harming yourself! Cancers and tumors and Dis-Ease in general is caused by years of built up unreleased stresses and frustrations.

Free your spirit and let it soar to luminous heights and for this to happen it has to be light in weight.

So choose forgiveness first.

Love and Light x

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Nov 19, 2012
I forgive NEW
by: Lisa Rehyloa

I forgive everybody instantly now, even myself. Before when I didnt I found that I would get aches and pains throughout. I am fitter and healthier now that I have ever been because my life is light

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