Victoria's Weekly Guidance 22/10/2012 'Be the Best Version of You'

by Victoria Grant

What will you do to 'Be the Best Version of You!

If there are things you want to achieve but have not yet mustered up the courage and determination to get done then read on...

We all have hopes and dreams of becoming all that we would like to be, some of us even know the exact route to get there but still remain stuck in present circumstances that are not bringing us joy!

Why would so many people go through the same reality every day feeling frustrated and unfulfilled when they could obtain greatness in all areas of life with so little effort or none at all?.

The answer I believe lies in the way that people view themselves. If you feel like a queen or king on the inside then it will become apparent in the way you walk talk and carry yourself, your aura will be a regal one with a touch of class and you will be full of confidence.

This rule applies weather you feel great about life or the complete opposite. Feeling angry and frustrated with your lot will only manifest a reality that confirms and justifies all that you are feeling.

If you want a negative life then think negative thoughts as your reality can only be created by you!

Ask yourself this 'if I could be born again and do it all over again what would I do different?'

Prepare a list of all of the things you may of changed if you had the chance...

Look down at your list and begin one by one to establish those dreams you have always had but never acted upon.

Pretend that you are being reborn at this precise moment and that anything on the list you want to accomplish CAN be done.

No matter your age, race or financial background you have a mind that is more powerful than a nuclear bomb, it is up to you to set it off in a constructive way.

What action could you take immediately that would help to push you in the direction of your dreams.

Like the famous sports brand says 'JUST DO IT' don't over think your life in to submission or be at the mercy of external influences to determine the outcome of your success.

Take back control today by deciding to create and be the best version of you.

All that you are and all that you will be resides within. You are already perfection so trying to seek approval from others or beating yourself up inside is a complete waste of time.

Have belief in your abilities like you did when you were a child. You never stopped learning to walk because you may have fallen down once or twice did you. I bet not and why? Because defeat was not an option.

Be childlike again and discover all the gifts and talents inside that are still yours. Take responsibility and resume your power.

Until next week.

Love and Light

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