Victoria's Weekly Guidance 24/09/2012 ''The Truth about Death in Life..''

by Victoria Grant

It is true that you will die a thousand deaths during your time here on earth as life and death are not separate nor are they opposite They are One.

I do not believe in death being that moment after the last breath passes your lips but rather the elimination of bad habits and behaviour’s that no longer serve you in order for new patterns 'life' within to be born.

Think about it scientifically for a minute. Our bodies totally renew over 12 months including skin, blood cells, organs etc... So in essence each day we live we are also dying. This is the part we can not control fully control and why would we want to?

Our physical bodies will naturally grow adapt and evolve according to unshakeable universal laws such as gravity and time spent on this plane. Gods will ensures that our hearts beat and blood circulates our bodies. It works in total perfection without us having to give a second thought.

But this is not the case when it comes to the enhancement of our minds and hearts. For these are the parts of us that are controlled by free will. These are the parts of yourself that you will need to work on constantly if you want to grow and become the greatest version of you possible. The you that is stronger, kinder, more proactive and loveable by all.

Death in life simply means that you have the ultimate power over the evolution of self. By not overcoming the habits that are holding you back NOW you are not allowing your true light and infinite potential to shine, you are 'self harming' knowing full well what should be done but procrastinating nether the less.

Instead of viewing death as the end I believe that it is just the beginning!

Love and Light

Victoria Grant x

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Sep 24, 2012
Life and Death NEW
by: Hugh Dears

Serious words of wisdom..xx

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