Victoria's Weekly Guidance 26/11/2012 'Play the card's you have been dealt'

by Victoria Grant

Life could be compared to a game and many times it has been.

When you are born you are dealt a hand and it is up to you to play that hand to the best of your ability.

Just like in a game of cards you will not always be given royal flushes and black jacks at the beginning of your game of life however it is your nature to remain in the game with faith that eventually the cards will turn in your favor.

Playing should be fun, learning from each move how to improve your game and get to the next level.

There will always be those who seem to have been dealt a fairer hand but what you must always remember is that it is not about where you start in any game. It is about where you finish.

Early on in your life it is more difficult to control your circumstance 'consciously' anyway as you are still developing your human side.

Your spiritual awakening will come after your adolescent years have passed so unfortunately you may have been exposed to things that were unhealthy and harmful on your psyche.

This can not be helped and as you know we do not have the power to change the past. But what you do have is the power to create the future.

When you get wiser you will know that you can now enter the 'big leagues' You have the choice to play the game however you wish. You can develop skills in many areas and even when you get dealt a 'dud' hand you know how to spin it around to your favor.

Hopefully you are one of the awaken beings here on earth aware that you have it within you to be the champion in your world.

You were born a *WINNER*

Until Next week.

Love and Light x

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