Victoria's Weekly Guidance 27/08/2012 'Feel Good Look Good NOT the other way around!'

by Victoria Grant

'Victory Granted'

It is not so much about how you look that ultimately matters. It is how you feel. If there is a goal you have been trying to reach and have not yet managed to then you have not been associating the correct feelings with achieving your desired outcome.

For instance If you are overweight and have been attempting to shed some pounds in the past, trying various diets, exercises and detox and it hasn’t worked for you thus far it could be that you have been focusing on what you will eventually look and feel like once you have endured an extensive regime.

It is always good to keep your eyes on the prize but growth in any area is never about the destination it is always about the journey. If you are constantly focusing on the finale then the whole process of getting there can seem daunting and painful. The end can seem so far away that it looks impossible to reach.

The best way that I have found for manifesting my desires is to remain completely in the moment and focus on the feelings of now. If there is ever some goal I want to reach I first envisage the many feelings I would get from realising it. When it comes to exercising, stopping smoking or any other harmful addictions it shouldn’t solely be about ‘the way you will feel’ in the future it is about how you feel now.

Ask yourself how you feel before during and after you finish that cigarette or those two bars of chocolate that you know you did not need? I can bet that before the act you were anxious, a tad stressed and needing a bit of comfort. During the act you are probably slightly satisfied, relieved and also a tiny bit guilty.

And after the act feelings turns regret, remorse and sometimes even depression can rear its head as a reminder of how much of a failure you are.
Now we all know that you are not a failure 'far from it' but it can become oh to easy for your mind to be conditioned to expect perfection from you in every area, and when your actions don’t match up to you highest values of yourself it will ultimately cause pain and frustration.

If you are really serious about overcoming unhealthy habits then focus on how you will feel after you say no to that cigarette or last piece of cake? how will your body feel after that 45 minute cardio workout? Well i can assure you that all of those negative before, during and after effects you were working with will become mainly opposite.

Before the act you will probably feel the same as you did with the negative acts, 'anxious, a tad stressed and needing a bit of comfort' however you will now CHOOSE to satisfy these needs with a positive action which will lead in to the feeling of excitement, courage and ulitmate reward.

~ Dont think it feel it ~

Until Next Week.....

Love and Light

Victoria Grant

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