Victoria's Weekly Guidance 28/12/2012 ' What are your Plans for 2013 '

by victoria

What are your plans for 2013?

Failing to plan is planning to fail – either way you have a 50% chance of seeing 2013 so there is really no excuse why you should walk blindly in to such a powerful year.

2013 is seen to be a new beginning for all mankind 11.11.2011 saw the opening of the porthole for all unconscious beings to see the world and all of its illusions for what it they really are.

The next major date on the calendar predicted the end of the world 21/12/2012 as stated by the Mayan culture but was that what they really meant?

I prefer to interpret it in another way!

‘The end of the world as we know it.’

Either way there is no doubt that some major shifts have been going on in our Universe not only marked by these special dates in history but also by the vast weather conditions experienced worldwide.

It is plainly obvious then that although it is not the end of the physical world it is for all here on Earth a new beginning.

So what are your plans?

Think hard and smart because you and I both know that whatever you remain focused on will indeed manifest.

What are your spiritual, financial, physical, mental, relationship, career, business, charity goals? If you don’t have a list already then maybe it is time that you began to compile one.

~After all 2013 is just 3 days away~

Hopefully you enjoyed your Christmas but maybe you have bigger and better plans for next year, how would you like to do Christmas on the beach somewhere with all of your family and friends present...

If you continue to do the same things that you have been doing ‘do not expect any different than what you are already getting.’

If there are unhealthy habits that you need to give up in order to save money, have more energy or simply be more focused then do it!

The year ahead is more powerful than any before and you should feel super blessed to be experiencing such a shift in your lifetime.

Use it as the gift that it is.

This is your time to be everything you have only up until now dreamed of.

2013 is yours!

Love and Light

Victoria Grant

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